Monday, December 18th 2006

iPhone Linksys

The Register predicted a Monday announcement of the iPhone, which they certainly got. However, the iPhone was not the rumored Apple one...The iPhone is a new Linksys phone. The WIP320 and CIT400 both connect to DECT and Skype. However, the $200 WIP320 does so using 802.11G wireless technology, while the $180 CIT400 uses cordless technology. There should still be Apple iPhone announcement at Steve Jobs' annual "launchathon" at the Macworld Expo, hopefully under a different name then the already copyrighted "iPhone".

The first picture is the WIP320, and the second is the CIT400.

Source: The Register
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you don't patent names, you copyright them. factoid: they've had "iPhone" registered since 1994.
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Thanks for that advice, I'm slowly relearning my grammar and spelling (with Firefox's built in spell checker as a side kick) :).
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XooM said:
actually... i think im wrong, i think it'd be trademarked. now im just confusing myself @_@
was just about to call you out on that one bud. oh and this totally got me pissed becuase i liked the name iphone :(
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