Tuesday, May 31st 2016

Nanoxia Basic 1 Case Pictured

Nanoxia of the DeepSilence fame is now an established player in the casing and cooling space. The company's new entry-level case, the Basic 1, was shown off the crowds at Computex. As its name suggests, this ATX mid-tower covers all the basics of a 2016 gaming PC build, and then some. A striking new feature is its HDD hot-swap cage with five 2.5-inch bays, that's accessible from the front panel, by removing a panel cover.
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7 Comments on Nanoxia Basic 1 Case Pictured

Really digging the retractable HDD cage.
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Bane, is it you? Classic case, except for hot-swap. At the right price will sell.
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It really is about time for some hot swappage. But only 2.5" in a desktop case???
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Vader called, he wants his case back.
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where the hell are my stars
So a cheap plastic case that has a hot swap bay that flips down?
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Hey look, it has a built in ash tray just like my car .... :laugh:
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How exactly is this a gaming feature. Server feature sure but gaming,.....?
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