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Nanoxia Special NNV DC Brushless Fan Pictured

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Nanoxia, which named one of its products "Dead Silence" is obsessed with it (silence we mean, not the dead). The company showed off its ultra-quiet 120 mm fan, the Special NNV 120-L. This fan is designed for high airflow with low noise, it combines a hydraulic bearing motor with a high air-flow impeller. The fan takes in 3-pin DC input, and comes in various speed variants (800 rpm, 1,200 rpm, 2,000 rpm, and 400-1,400 rpm PWM). Nanoxia will sell them as standalone packages.

Nanoxia Project S Family Pictured - Standard, Mini, and Midi

Nanoxia showed off its entire lineup of Project S series pedestal orientation-capable cases. The cases can be oriented flat along their sides (pedestal), so you can revel upon your creation through their all-tempered glass side panels; or be made to save space by orienting them as common towers. The Project S Mini is designed for mini-ITX gaming PC builds, in which you can install a full-length 2-slot graphics card using the included riser cable. It can hold onto an SFX power supply.

The Project S Midi is designed for micro-ATX builds, with its PSU and drive bays located where you'd expect them to be in a common tower-type case. The Project S (standard) is where the action is - capable of seating ATX motherboards, this case has loads of room for your liquid cooling setup. All three cases are characterized by a brushed-finish aluminium front panel that protrudes out of the fascia.

Nanoxia Announces its Rigid LED Strips and ASUS Aura Compliant LED Controller

Nanoxia is very happy to announce that none other than ASUS was so impressed by the RGB Rigid LED that they certified them with the AURA SYNC label. Meaning, they are perfectly suited to be connected to the 4-Pin RGB-Header of the latest ASUS motherboards, like the Z270E GAMING, the X99 GAMING or the MAXIMUS IX FORMULA. The ASUS AURA SYNC software is perfect to control the RGB LEDs.

The 30 cm long RGB Rigid LED is equipped with 27 ultra-bright SMD5050 LED. Up to 16.7 million different colors can be chosen from, if you use the appropriate software with our RGB Rigid LED bar - like the outstanding ASUS AURA SYNC. It's also easily possible to use various lighting modes, for example strobe-effects, color circles or breathing-pulses.

Nanoxia Unveils Their New N.N.V. Series of Silent Fans

Nanoxia announces itself as the only brand in the PC industry allowed to make use of a specific piece of technology, employed by German car manufacturers to circulate air in the seat heating of their cars. This enables them to offer the first virtually vibration-free PC fan in the world.

You all know the effect what happens, when you connect a vibrating fan to a solid body - noise is generated. This is one of the main sources of fan generated noise. In order to counteract this effect, the user had to employ various forms of decoupling materials. With our fans of the Special N.N.V. series, this problem is solved once and forever. The new "No Vibrations" principle provides us with torques of a particularly pleasant nature.

Nanoxia Presents the Ncore Retro Keyboard

The name speaks for itself - the keyboard offers a true retro-look to its owner. Circular, detached keys ensure that the Ncore Retro has the distinctive look of a classical typewriter. The chrome finished surface in combination with the silver enclosed key caps underlines the high-quality design of the keyboard. Don't let the deliberate "retro-look" fool you though: underneath is a true mechanical keyboard with all the advantages that brings. This includes Anti-Ghosting technology and the possibility to switch between 6-Key and N-Key Rollover. A variety of function keys can be enabled through use of the FN-Key.

A total of 12 multimedia keys are included, in addition to the possibility to lock the Windows key, switch the functionality of the WASD and arrow-keys and change between 6-key and N-key rollover. As such, the keyboard is not only aimed at fans of old typewriters, but also at enthusiastic gamers and dedicated design buffs, who are looking for a classic keyboard for their office.

Nanoxia Announces the CoolForce 1 Chassis

Introducing the CoolForce 1. Next week, in addition to the recently introduced CoolForce 2 Rev. B, the second model of our CoolForce case series, the new CoolForce 1, will become available in Europe. The CoolForce 1 features a spacious interior that offers unexpectedly much space for high-end hardware and water cooling systems, despite relatively compact dimensions.

Many of the improvements we implemented due to customer feedback have been included in the new CoolForce 1 as well. For example, the case also features a split front design with a separate I/O panel to ensure that the dust filter and the front fan can be accessed without much effort. The I/O-panel is the same as that of the CoolForce 2 Rev. B, featuring a True USB 3.1 Type C, two USB 3.0, as well as HD audio connectors and a 3-step fan control. The LED On/Off button for the two pre-installed Rigid LED bars in the front is located in the I/O-panel, as well as the Power- and Reset-Button.

Nanoxia Announces the CoolForce 2 Rev. B Chassis

Nanoxia introduces the CoolForce 2 Rev. B chassis. Shortly a lightly revised edition of the first model of our new CoolForce series will become available: The CoolForce 2 Rev. B. In the course of our continuing product development, our design team was able to implement optimizations, which are partly based on suggestions from customers and fans. Thus we were able to improve the user-friendliness of the case and integrate the latest technologies.

The main critique from reviewers and customers focused on the dust filter, which was hard to clean, and the complicated way to access the two front fans. Here we use a two-parted front-design in the new revision, separating the I/O-panel from the rest of the case front. This allows users to simply remove the main part of the front. The dust filter is not connected to the fans, making it far easier to remove and clean it, even when the system is running. The access to the front fans and the installation of a radiator was also facilitated.

Nanoxia Announces Availability of Project-S Silver

Nanoxia Project S Silver now available. The Project S is now available at our German distributor PC-Cooling. Shortly, customers will be able to purchase it at our European partners. The base for the development of the Project S has been the widely known "NanoXia Project", which we first showed at Computex 2015 and which was also a great eye catcher at this year's Gamescom in Cologne. The very elegant and extremely user friendly case combines high-grade steel for maximum stability, an aluminum front panel with RGB LED bar for the classic look and a top cover made of tempered glass to allow an unobstructed view on the interior of the case.

The main feature of the case is - without a doubt - the "drawer-principle." This unique feature goes back to the original Nanoxia Project: A drawer allows users to pull out the complete system, including motherboard, power supply, hard disks and fans/radiators. It is also easily possible to simply take the whole drawer out - which makes the installation of the hardware a breeze.

Rosewill Unveils the Himars Chassis with Front Hot-swap Bay

Rosewill unveiled the Himars, an entry-mainstream ATX mid-tower case with a front-facing 3.5-inch SATA HDD hot-swap bay, similar to that of the Nanoxia Basic 1. Besides this, you get a pair of 5.25-inch drive bays, room for graphics cards as long as 30 cm, CPU coolers as long as 16 cm, and a top 360 mm x 120 mm radiator mount, for a single large radiator handling both your CPU and high-end graphics card.

Nanoxia Basic 1 Case Pictured

Nanoxia of the DeepSilence fame is now an established player in the casing and cooling space. The company's new entry-level case, the Basic 1, was shown off the crowds at Computex. As its name suggests, this ATX mid-tower covers all the basics of a 2016 gaming PC build, and then some. A striking new feature is its HDD hot-swap cage with five 2.5-inch bays, that's accessible from the front panel, by removing a panel cover.

Nanoxia Announces the CoolForce 2 Chassis

Nanoxia launches the CoolForce 2 case. We from Nanoxia use "CoolForce" as a synonym for high quality products for water cooling enthusiasts - and that goes just as well for our new cases. Our "entry level" model CoolForce 2 can be equipped with a 240 mm radiator behind the front as well as a 360 mm model under the top cover. The CoolForce 2 embraces a completely new design, however many of the features of our Deep Silence series have been incorporated into the CoolForce 2. For example, you will still find side panels with noise insulation, decoupled mounting of hard disks and the PSU, as well as rubberized and decoupled case feet. Also included are a fan control, dust filters and silent running case fans.

At the same time, our new case offers you a variety of features usually not found in the price range. One of the most prominent features of the case is the versatile ModuWand (modular wall). You can mount fans, hard disks, or reservoirs/pumps for a water cooling system, or simply remove it to install longer VGA cards. A window side panel allows you to admire your system from the outside. The optical high"light" of the case are the pre-installed Rigid LED bars, as well as the illuminated Nanoxia logo in the upper part of the front panel. The "edges" on top of the front panel house the I/O-panel with 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, the HD audio connectors, as well as the switch for the 3-staged fan control. The "AirCover" at the rear of the top cover can easily be removed to allow you the installation of fans or water cooling radiators.

TechPowerUp Thermalright and Nanoxia Giveaway: The Winners!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the three lucky winners of our Super Silent Bundle Giveaway, in partnership with Thermalright and Nanoxia. The three win a Nanoxia DeepSilence 1 Rev. B case and Thermalright HR-22 CPU cooler, each. The two should set each of the three up for a super-quiet gaming PC build. The correct answers to the two questions in the giveaway are: 1. Thermalright introduced the HR-22 cooler in 2013. It's still compatible with all of the CPU socket types in the market, and provides awesome cooling; and 2. Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Rev. B gives you room for CPU coolers as tall as 185 mm, which should be enough for the meanest of the tower-type heatsinks out there, including the HR-22. Without further ado, the winners:
  • Ciro from Italy,
  • Paul from Germany, and
  • Marjan from Croatia.
Huge congratulations to you three. TechPowerUp will return with more such interesting giveaways.

TechPowerUp Announces the Thermalright and Nanoxia Giveaway

We here in TechPowerUp want our hardware to be as quiet and cool as possible, and the two other companies that share our passion are Thermalright and Nanoxia. In partnership with the two, we're presenting the new PC Cooling giveaway. To take part, simply "Like" our Facebook page (if you haven't already), and fill up a short form. Up for grabs are three bundles of Nanoxia DeepSilence 1 Rev. B cases and Thermalright HR-22 CPU coolers, each! The giveaway is open from today, till next Monday (28/09), and open to residents of Europe.

To participate, visit this page (Facebook not required).

Nanoxia Announces CoolForce PC Case Series

This week it's all about Computex 2015 - and all our fans know that Computex means new Nanoxia products: We revealed our first PC-case, the Deep Silence 1, during Computex 2012. The Deep Silence 4, Deep Silence 5 and Deep Silence 6 have been introduced during Computex 2013. To keep in this tradition, on this opening day of Computex 2015, we want to introduce a complete new range of PC-Cases: The Nanoxia CoolForce Series!

The CoolForce Series will offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. Five different models will be made available, offering a variety of features at very attractive prices. As with the Deep Silence Series, we made sure that the different models will be easily recognizable as belonging to the same family.

Introducing the The NanoXia Project

Since the introduction of our first PC-case, the Deep Silence 1 in the autumn of 2012, our products have been honored with more than 150 awards by trade magazines and reviewers from all over the world. Thanks to their modular design our PC cases are perfectly suited for water cooling systems. Consequentially we began to offer a selected, continuously growing range of high quality accessories for dedicated water cooling enthusiast under the label CoolForce.

Makes you wonder what we will have in store for the Computex 2015, doesn't it? You are hereby cordially invited to join us in the Nangang Exhibition Hall at Booth J1105 from June 2 to June 6. We promise you an impressive range of new products - and not only that...To perfect the introduction of our new Nanoxia CoolForce case series and the presentation of our further optimized Deep Silence models, we brought to life "The NanoXia Project."

Nanoxia Unveils the Deep Silence 3 Mid-Tower PC Case

The Deep Silence 3 is a classic Mid Tower, fully soundproofed and equipped with a bunch of awesome features. The Deep Silence 3 closes a gap in our Deep Silence series. The case is aimed at users who don't need the extraordinary features of the Deep Silence 1 or the above-average depth of the Deep Silence 2, while maintaining all the strong points of the Deep Silence case series.

The case is designed for ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards. Decoupled mounting of the 3.5 inch hard disks and the PSU, anti-vibration case feet, tool free mounting of the optical drives and a step-less 2-channel fan control are included. And of course the Deep Silence 3 offers the exquisite looks and timeless elegance that users have come to expect from a Deep Silence case.

Nanoxia Cases Now Available Through EagleTech Stateside

Eagle Tech, a leading provider of consumer electronic solutions, announces the availability of Nanoxia award-winning and internationally acclaimed Deep Silence PC cases through our various distribution outlets. The Deep Silence 1 through 6 cases represents the best of German engineering and are built to deliver the next level of silent computer systems. All Deep Silence cases feature state of art ventilation systems that keep your computer running clean and efficient, multiple modular bays that allow for easy and large installments of hardware, and advanced sound dampening materials that combat airborne noise.

Nanoxia Releases the Deep Silence 4 micro ATX PC Case

This week Nanoxia has officially launched the Deep Silence 4, a mini-tower case suited for building a compact, low-noise system. Pictured below, this steel-made chassis measures 380 (H) x 200 (W) x 480 (D) mm, it weighs about 7.8 kg, and supports micro ATX/ mini ITX motherboards, and graphics cards up to 395 mm long.

Nanoxia's PC case is soundproofed and features a top-placed I/O panel (with two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 plug, plus audio and mic connectors), two 5.25-inch drive bays, dual modular HDD/SSD cages that can hold both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives, one fixed cage for a 2.5-inch unit, and a built-in 2-channel fan controller that is hooked up to the two pre-installed 120 mm Deep Silence Series fans (one found in the front and one at the rear). The Deep Silence 4 is available in three color versions - black (€72.99), white (€74.99) and anthracite (€72.99).

Nanoxia Previews Three New Cases

After their fairly recent endeavor in the case market, which debuted with two well received cases (by reviewers and the market as well), the Deep Silence 1 and Deep Silence 2, Nanoxia is now expending its PC Case lineup with three new products. Creatively named Deep Silence 4, Deep Silence 5 and Deep Silence 6, the three new cases follow the same design language and general concept of the previous two models of the series.

Presented under the Made in Germany halo, the three cases are advertised as Almost Noiseless, making use of Nanoxia's own 120mm and 140mm Deep Silence fans (rifle bearing). The Deep Silence 4 is a micro tower case that can accommodate mATX and mITX motherboards, while the Deep Silence 5 is a full tower case that can house any consumer motherboard short of a monstrous HPTX one, that merit is reserved for the largest case in the series, the Deep Silence 6. The cases feature an integrated two channel fan controller as well extensive sound proofing that goes as far as bitumen lined panels and a foam insulated front door. They will be available in three color variants, white, full black and black with a gray front door.

Nanoxia Unveils Deep Silence 6 Full-Tower Case

Nanoxia took its Deep Silence concept to the next level with Deep Silence 6, a gargantuan ATX full-tower case. This monstrosity of the silent-type has room for large motherboard form-factors such as XL-ATX, HPTX, and EATX, apart from conventional ATX, with so much room to spare, that you can latch in two independent liquid-cooling loops, each with large radiators, all that with acoustic dampening. The case offers four 5.25-inch drive bays, and ten 3.5-inch ones, which each convert to 2.5-inch bays. Ventilation appears to include two 140 mm front intakes, a couple of 140 mm top exhausts that can be swapped out for a large 360 x 120 radiator, two 120 mm conveyors near the drive cage that can make room for a 240 x 120 mm radiator (or 360 x 120, if you don't mind blocking three 5.25-inch bays), two 120 mm bottom intakes, and of course, a 120 mm rear exhaust. The top vents open out, and can be completely shut. Two doors cover the front.

Nanoxia Teases New Box-type Mini-ITX Case

Nanoxia, of the DeepSilence fame, unveiled a string of new yet-unnamed cases. One of them is this box-type mini-ITX beauty. Roughly the size and shape of a micro-ATX tower, this is definitely one for those with an ITX itch, or at least those who prefer a smaller motherboard, with rest of the case' room better spent accommodating drives and cooling. The case gives you a horizontal mini-ITX motherboard tray with two expansion slots for double-slot graphics cards, and room for CPU coolers as much as 170 mm tall. The case' lone 5.25-inch drive bay creeps into the motherboard tray just a little, but shouldn't obstruct CPU coolers. The bottom half of the case gives you a vertically-oriented PSU bay, a drive-cage that gives you three 3.5-inch bays that each convert to a couple of 2.5-inch ones; and room for a 140 x 280 mm radiator. The case appears to be made of SECC steel, ABS, and aluminum highlights and feet. Ventilation includes two 140 mm front intakes, 120 mm and 140 mm rear exhausts, and provision for a 140 mm top exhaust.

Nanoxia Announces the Deep Silence 2 PC Case

Following the success of our first PC case, the award-winning Nanoxia Deep Silence 1, we now present to you the next model, the Deep Silence 2: The Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 is a particularly spacious mid-tower which, due to its extraordinary depth, offers a huge amount of internal space for demanding hardware configurations. Of course, the Deep Silence 2 is fully soundproofed and prepared for water cooling systems.

A specially designed Mounting Bracket on the HDD cage can be used to mount 240 or 120 mm radiators, which can be equipped with up to four 120 mm fans. Thanks to a depth of 588 mm, collisions with motherboard components or power supply are virtually eliminated.

Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 (DS2) Case Pictured

Following the launch of Deep Silence 1 (DS1), which has been extensively reviewed over the past week, German company Nanoxia has a newer model on the way, the Deep Silence 2 (DS2). Like its sibling, the DS2 is a case designed keeping silence in mind, and is packed with noise-absorbing material along most of its panels. An ATX mid-tower, the DS2 has room for EATX, ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards. Its storage area include three 5.25-inch drive bays behind a door, and seven 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive trays. Unlike with the DS1, the drive cage doesn't split into two detachable cages. Ventilation in the Nanoxia DS2 includes two 120 mm front intakes, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. More details are awaited.

With the Deep Silence 1, Nanoxia Presents the Next Generation of PC Cases

Years ago, with the launch of the legendary Nano-Bearing fans, Nanoxia dedicated itself to the development of innovative, high-quality must have products. With the launch of the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 PC case this development now finds its logical evolution.

In accordance with current requirements, this innovative Tower - as the foundation for a whole new line of future products - offers the perfect symbiosis of ideal system cooling and sensationally low noise levels - especially for the use of high-end PC-systems.
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