Wednesday, June 15th 2016

Silicon Power Launches Multiple USB Flash Drives with Various Attractive Designs

Silicon Power, the world's leading provider of memory storage solutions, today announces its multiple product launch with three USB flash drives that feature diverse designs to meet different user preferences and requirements. Widely recognized for its outstanding design capability, SP has made continuous effort in product innovation and today releases three distinguished new flash drives which all comply with USB 3.1 Gen 1 specifications-Blaze B21, Jewel J20 and Jewel J30. No matter what kind of USB flash drive you're looking for-high capacity, tiny size or special exterior design, SP can satisfy all your needs with its new arrivals. Additionally, the three new products are designed with different chic styles that can fully meet each user's particular taste for fashion.

Perry Yuan, the President of SP/ Silicon Power, stated that "We understand that users care different things about their storage devices-some put great emphasis on fast transfer speed, some need high capacity, and some may pay more attention to the product appearance. In view of this, SP endeavors to provide wide varieties of products for users to choose from, whether it is communicated through colors, esthetics, functions or performances. And this time, we especially introduce three models featuring different characteristics in order to fulfill all consumers' needs."
Jewel J30 USB 3.1 Flash Drive-Super-cute with the acorn-shaped design
Jewel J30 USB 3.1 flash drive features the beloved look with exquisite acorn-shape and engaging color choices that turn the drives to be a lovely accessory and let the users to exude their cute charm. Moreover, the distinctive lid-holder design with delicate logo strap enables a convenient way to store the cap and also allows the drives to be easily attached to personal belongings. And the use of micro COB (Chip On Board) technology and durable rubberized material altogether promise complete protections against water, dust and vibration. In addition, the Touch T30 with USB 2.0 interface is also available for users to choose.

Jewel J20 USB 3.1 Flash Drive-Super-tiny and absolutely elegant
Jewel J20 USB 3.1 flash drive is meticulously crafted by curving lines to express the modern chic style. And the matte metallic casing and stunning color choices finish the look with the sense of luxury. Regarding the overall dimension, the J20 is minimized by 30% to make the drive extremely compact for users to bring and store. And a strap hole is designed for easier carrying that the drive can be attached on bags or key chains. Furthermore, the "crossing lines" design at the end of the drive promises perfect anti-slip function for handier operation. In addition, the Touch T20 with USB 2.0 interface is also available for users to choose.

Blaze B21 USB 3.1 Flash Drive-Expansive storage to get your favorite media on the go
Blaze B21 USB 3.1 flash drive provides extremely large capacities up to 256GB that enables users to store all their favorite media and important files. Plus, the B21 features the cap-less design with a retractable USB connector that it can allow users to operate with a simpler way and also free users away from worries about cap loss.
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ermm...yeah...attractive...opinions I guess
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Tech, Games, and TPU!
They seem to be going nuts.
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Phew, you can bet Nvidia breathed a sigh of relief when Silicon Power decided to delay this announcement from its original scheduled date of Nvidia's Pascal reveal at Computex.
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