Thursday, November 17th 2016

G.Skill Adds Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches to its KM570 Keyboard Lineup

Ever-increasing its offerings within the KM570 and KM870 lineup of mechanical keyboards, G.Skill has recently put up a product page for yet another iteration of their KM570 keyboard: the Cherry MX Speed Silver equipped KM570, which joins the companies' offerings of Blue, Red and Brown Cherry MX switches.

The Cherry MX Speed Silver switches feature a shorter - and therefore faster - 1.2mm (as opposed to the more common 2mm) actuation distance with a light 45G switch weight. Constructed with a 50 million keystroke durability and a smooth linear key response as well as contoured keypads for greater comfort, the KM570's other features include macro support with on-the-fly macro recording, per-key lighting customization with seven lighting patterns, full n-Key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting technologies, as well as shortcuts for Windows functions, keyboard functions, media playback and volume control.

The RIPJAWS KM570 MX with Speed Silver switches comes in at $109.99, $10 more than the companies' Red, Blue and Brown offerings, and $10 less than the equivalent offerings with RGB lighting capabilities.
Source: G.Skill
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1 Comment on G.Skill Adds Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches to its KM570 Keyboard Lineup

Contoured keycaps, Silver swithces, FFS they are MILKING this keyboard thing for every last drop!! Is this REALLY necessary? Am I the only one who just wants a properly SILENT switch (MX Silent doesn't count, because that name is a lie) that doesn't sound like I'm banging on plastic all day?! I really don't think I'm asking for much. Wireless would also be nice.
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