Tuesday, January 2nd 2007

Level505 R600 tests possibly fake?

We reported just a few days ago that Level505.com had posted benchmarks of test samples of the R600. However, there is a good chance that those benchmarks were doctored. For one thing, if AMD had released test samples of it's next graphics card, the R600 series, there would have been a press release. The website had went online just before releasing those benchmarks, there were no pictures of the R600, and there was some odd benchmark data (like a strangely slow G80 in Oblivion). Basically, The entire thing just doesn't look official, and looks more like a marketing gimmick in favor of AMD's R600.Source: The Inquirer
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3 Comments on Level505 R600 tests possibly fake?

Bird of Prey
I thought as much. But favoring AMDATI isnt bad :)
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The site is down now.. Fake perhaps? Drat. This 'ol fanboy was getting excited! It probably was fake. ATi's scores were way too low. :laugh:
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pfft... as I said, doctored results... No way R600 is that weak.
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