Friday, February 24th 2017

NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 378.77 Hotfix Drivers

NVIDIA today released a hotfix version of its GeForce driver suite. Numbered the 378.77, these fix some issues with the previous driver release, numbered 378.66. Solved issues include driver installation errors for laptops with GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti GPUs, crashes in Minecraft and some other Java-based titles, and resolving 'Debug Mode' as default option on Pascal based GPUs.

This driver release contains all previous improvements, including an optimized experience for Sniper Elite 4, For Honor and Halo Wars 2, whilst also introducing support for NVIDIA's Video SDK 8.0, which provides support for high-bit-depth (10/12-bit) hardware accelerated video decoding of VP9 and HEVC. You can, as always, grab these hot-from-the-coding-gods drivers from the link below, right here on TPU.
DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA GeForce 378.77 Hotfix Drivers
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6 Comments on NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 378.77 Hotfix Drivers

It seems that Nvidia driver developers keep forgetting the "Debug mode" on. Same happened with previous driver release, and later they fixed it. Now again! Come on guys, pay attention!
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Nvidia is getting sloppy again... come on Nvidia... if y'all are good at making a crippled chip work brilliantly with 'yer software magic, then make sure y'all do 'yer feking jobs. ==
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Wait, this is a hotfix for the 378.72 hotfix for 378.66? lol
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They release hotfixes faster than you can track, they are at 378.77 now :laugh:
Well, it is called a "hotfix", not a regular release :)
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