Monday, April 4th 2016

TRENDFOCUS Reports SSD Pricing Increases up to 36%, YoY; 2018 to Offer Respite

Market intelligence analysis company TRENDFOCUS revealed in its latest blog post how SSD market has increased by up to 36% in the last four quarters, with price hikes after prices hikes accompanying increasing demand (and sales) of the speedy storage media. And TRENDFOCUS warns that these price hikes are like here to stay until 2017 has run its course, with projections of price reductions only materializing in early 2018. This should put some brakes towards the trend of including SSD storage on mainstream OEM computers and laptops, as the price increase from adding this type of storage would bring prices beyond the mainstream. Likewise, the aggressive ratio at which SSDs were replacing HDDs as storage media as correspondingly declined a bit, though this move still stays strong and isn't likely to (nor should it) fully subside.

The company also sees an increasing pricing delta between conventional SATA-based solutions and their higher-performing PCIe counterparts, with the pricing of PCIe-based SSDs increasing more than those that leverage SATA connections. TRENDFOCUS reports how 2017 pricing hinges on 3D NAND ramping as predicted this year, with higher prices in the demand-heavy back-to-school season) if this ramp fails. The company still feels confident about an eventual return to quarterly takedowns on SSD pricing, coeteris paribus, come 2018.
Source: TrendFocus
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8 Comments on TRENDFOCUS Reports SSD Pricing Increases up to 36%, YoY; 2018 to Offer Respite

Raevenlord said:
coeteris paribus
Do you mean ceteris paribus?

Will you write all your future articles in Latin?
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News Editor
Ungari said:
Do you mean ceteris paribus?

Will you write all your future articles in Latin?
Is it "conditio sine qua non" towards achieving an approving nod from your persona? :rolleyes:
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Yup, price increase because of shortage so some one is defiantly cashing in on this price hike, it's not like the manufacturing cost of NAND increased 36% YoY.

This industry must be prone to secret deals among the few big manufacturers, if they lower their production they up the price and make a shit load of money, same shit with DRAM 2x price hike YoY.

To be honest this is starting to get ridiculous, real competition seam to be out of play. No one can tell me that it takes more than a year to increase production of NAND and DRAM.
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Yeah, more and more seems like a FLASH Cartel type of business.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
I'm just glad I got my SSDs on sale at their lowest pricepoint. For once in my life.
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Thanks, I just got 2x 500GB M.2 Samsung 850 Evo for my old laptop and PC.. I still did not install them. waiting for Windows 10 Creators Update first.
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It's just your standard semiconductor price fixing.... No different than the mechanical hard drive increase after those huge floods years ago... prices still have not gone down to what they were.
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So much for my hopes that 960PRO 1TB will drop :/

Really need/want 1TB main drive. 512GB 950PRO is rough :/ 1st world problems...
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