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DeepCool Showcases Four PC Cases on Computex 2017

DeepCool took to Computex 2017 with an increased offering of their PC cases. The DUKASE Liquid integrates a 240 mm radiator in its design, and includes two flow rotors. A full-sized transparent side-window ensures your case's innards (including the DUKASE Liquid's LED lighting) can be showcased for prying eyes, while an enclosed PSU space makes sure to keep most of those unsightly cables out of the field of view. The DUKASE Liquid also includes a fan controller, in the form of a dial, which can control up to three fans at the same time. It will be available for $189.99 this month.
Next up is the EARLCASE RGB, a more mundane computer case that integrates LED lighting and a transparent side-window. The LED lighting can be built upon with more LED strips, and a front panel button allows you to control the lighting effects. It features support for up to 280 mm radiators at the top of the unit, and an extra 360 mm or 280 mm on the front. A PSU shroud makes its appearance again, though the absence of a liquid cooling setup brings the price of the EARLCASE RGB down to a more reasonable $79.99. You'll be able to pick this one up on July of this year.
Next we have the BARONKASE Liquid, which will come in two color schemes, black or white, with red and silver accents. It is a micro-ATX-sized case, which nevertheless supports full ATX mobos, allowing you to slot it into more cramped environments. The liquid cooling solution included in the BARONKASE Liquid is the company's own Captain 120EX, which includes a flowmeter. This one also features an integrated RGB lighting system, which covers the flowmeter, the Captain water block, the SSD Shroud and the included LED strip. There is also one RGB-illuminated 2.5" drive bay that's vertically oriented so you can showcase your storage media of choice. The BARONKASE supports up to a 240 mm radiator on the front of the unit, up to a 280 mm one on the top, and a 120 mm unit on the rear. Size constraints mean the BARONKASE supports tower coolers up to 175 mm (still plenty), and PSUs that are up to 200 mm length, and 160 mm high. This unit will come with a very interesting $129.99 price-point, and is also to be available in July.
Finally, we have the NEW ARK 90 case, which support up to E-ATX motherboards and has three transparent panels (both side panels and the unit's top) so you can see the case's interior from all angles (two angles too many if you ask me.) This one also comes with a pre-installed Captain 280EX with the same flowmeter as the BARONKASE, but also includes three fitted 140 mm fans. This one also features an integrated RGB lighting system, which covers the flowmeter, the Captain water block, the PSU Shroud and the included LED strip. It also comes with a PCIe riser included, so you can showcase your graphics card towards the side window. The NEW ARK 90 support up to a 360 mm radiator on both the top and rear of the case. No pricing was given, but it has an expected launch window of October this year.
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4 Comments on DeepCool Showcases Four PC Cases on Computex 2017

I hope CheepCool has fixed their leaky water coolers - if not, these have a built-in hardware destroyer, and should include a pre-paid RMA shipping label with every purchase.
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I like the BaronKase externally, but the New Ark 90 internally, looks like CoolerMaster wins again with their fully customisable Mastercases.
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Computex 2017 was an opportunity for them to bring out something new, like really new, not new from them, new in general and they failed to do so. ¯\_(-_-)_/¯
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Jun 29th, 2022 17:36 EDT change timezone

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