Saturday, June 3rd 2017

ID-Cooling Shows Multiple Air and Liquid Cooling Solutions at Computex 2017

ID-Cooling went on to Computex to showcase not only their air and liquid cooling solutions (for which they're really known for), but also to showcase systems fully equipped with the company's cooling portfolio (those are bonuses to the displayed at the end of this piece, though.)

Starting with the essence of life, ID-Cooling showcased their Frostflow+ 120, 240, and 280 products (whose numbering and naming scheme, as you might have guessed, inform the length of the radiator employed.) Their Frostflow+ 280 solution is certainly the most interesting, if only because of the usage of two PWM-controlled 140 mm fans to cool a 280 mm radiator. There's "premium sleeved tubing" here, as well as a high performance water pump design (but aren't they all). The Frostflow+ 240 is a more mundane, dual 120 mm fan solution, which nevertheless keeps all the features from the more premium (and better-performing) 280. The Frostflow+ 120 makes do with a "solid built" 120 mm radiator, and is apparently the only solution to incorporate any kind of LED lighting - namely, white in the pump cover. All fo these water cooling solutions are universally compatible with both Intel and AMD systems. All the units make use of a copper plate to make contact with your central processing unit of choice.
On to the company's air-cooling solutions, these take the form of tower coolers, as is usual with most high-performance cooling solutions (really, it's the easiest way to gain heat-dissipating surface area in such an air-cooling design.) The SE-241L is the basis for the naming scheme, with R and W being added to denote LED lighting on the fan. Either way, SE-241L-W and SE-241L-R both feature a direct-contact, four copper heatpipe design to drive heat away from the brains of your computer, with a "big heat dissipation area heatsink" design, a 130 mm PWM fan (good luck on swapping these with your own choice, since 130 mm fans are not so ubiquitous), offering "superior cooling performance" and a universal Intel and AMD design. There's also SE-214L Snow Edition, which packs a snow white color scheme (this one should be careful of poisoned apples, it seems.) Other than that, it's the same as the other SE-241L solutions.
Bonus: some systems cooled by the company's solutions:
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