Saturday, June 3rd 2017

Reeven Showcases Their Air, Liquid Cooling Portfolio at Computex 2017

Reeven may be a relatively little-known company, but I know for a fact they are one of the PC cooling companies offering one of the highest bang-for-buck ratio products in the Reeven Justice II (it's actually better than some AIOs; you should check the out.) The company makes use of a pretty distinct design language with their yellow-bladed fans (which they have recently built upon with the RGB Kiran.)

The coolers showcased by the company include the tower coolers Reeven Hans, a slim 120 mm cooler which includes a RGB Kiran fan and the Justice II, which builds upon the company's Justice while improving thermal characteristics. This is a high TDP design, black coated product, which looks gorgeous next to the yellow fans. The six heatpipe design helps this be one of the most effective tower air coolers in the market. Finally, the Ouranos Aero ends the scale on the tower coolers, being a 140 mm tower cooler (bigger than both the Hans and the Justice), and is especially designed for overclockers. The dual fan design ensures a greater airflow (and thus, higher heat dissipation capability.)
Finally, the company showcased a water cooling solution, the Reeven Naia, a 240 mm AIO which includes a refillable tank and customizable color in the cooling liquid. It includes two fans (sadly, black on black) and a discrete white LED lighting on the block. Reeven will be selling dyes for customizing the color of the Reeven Naia's metaphorical blood, which should help you properly customize your color scheme to your liking.
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highest nag-for-buck ratio products
I dont want a nag again, I got divorced years ago. :rolleyes:
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There is Always Moar
Reeven has a Lquid Cooling Portfolio ?

I am sorry but the days of any of us being interested in yet anouther astek re-badge job are long long gone
and I say that as somebody with a reeven product in my system
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