Monday, June 5th 2017

Cooler Master Displays MasterBox Line-up of PC Cases at Computex 2017

At this year's Computex, Cooler Master showed off their hardware-quarantining PC cases in the MasterBox family. The first model we'll be bringing up is the MasterBox Q300T, which straddles the line between a PC case and art, with its angled surfaces and angled resting position. This is quite an interesting piece, and is meant to be integrated with your decor as much as with your gaming hardware.
The MasterBox Q301P keeps some of the design signature of the Q300T, but is presented in a more usual, non-angled manner, keeping the glossy black material in some parts of the case, which really does reinforce the case's hard angles. A pair of heavy duty handles give as much flair to the case as they aid in transportation.
The MasterBox Q300L, on the other hand, sheds most of what makes the other Q cases stand out, swapping glossy materials for matte finished, hard angles, and a closed-off look. Apart from the front panel I/O and Power buttons having been displaced to the front of the window-like side panel, the Q300L is what one would expect from a PC case design through and through. It has a much wider than normal profile, though - hence the L in the name.
The MasterBox K500L brings a little more diversity to the table, since it has two different takes on the same overall-size design: you can opt for a better ventilated, more open, wide grill front cover, or a sleek-looking take on it with a transparent cover. This second model of the K500L again makes use of some glossy accents to better distinguish it design-wise.
Finally, there's the MasterBox MB 600L, which again makes use of matte materials in its design. The lack of top grills looks a lite conspicuous, since most cases (even budget ones) carry them these days. The MasterBox MB 600L counts with a slight red accent in the side panel, right alongside the full side window.
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Interesting concept, videos do explain those cases in more detail.
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