Tuesday, June 20th 2017

Futuremark Announces Testdriver Benchmark Automation Software

Futuremark today announced Testdriver, a benchmark automation software targeted at PC hardware reviewers, system analysts, and quality-control departments of computer hardware manufacturers. The software doesn't have any benchmarks of its own, but lets you script and automate your own selection of benchmarks, and helps with test data aggregation and presentation.

Testdriver comes with out of the box readiness for Futuremark's popular benchmark suites, such as the 3DMark family, the PCMark family, and VRMark, but also lets you add third-party benchmarks. The company offers email-support to customers in integrating benchmarks with the app. Given that the software is designed for diverse customer groups, Futuremark will be selling it through its parent company UL, and is taking orders over email by quoting a price specific to the customer's application of the software.
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2 Comments on Futuremark Announces Testdriver Benchmark Automation Software

This sounds pretty handy, surprised this hasn't already happened.
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I would assume W1z has been doing something like this with his own script batches for years now, cool to see Futuremark make such a task more accessible for those not as familiar with the process! Wonder what they're charging for it...
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