Tuesday, October 24th 2017

How to Activate The Evil Within 2's Hidden First-Person Mode

The Evil Within 2 is marketed as a third-person survival horror video game. However, there are couple sections of the game where it puts the player into first-person mode. That's how we know for a fact that the first-person option exists, although it's unclear why Tango Gameworks decided to keep the option hidden from the player. The process to activate the option is seemingly easy as you just have to bring up the console and introduce a secret command.

In order to activate the command console in The Evil Within 2, you need to change how the game client is launched. To do so, right click the title in your Steam library and select the Properties option. Then select Set launch options and type in +com_allowconsole 1. Once you're done, proceed to launch the game like how you would normally do. Now, hit the Insert key on your keyboard to bring up the console.
Type the pl_FPS 1 command into the console and hit Enter. Voila! You can now play The Evil Within 2 completely from a first-person perspective. Some animations will automatically switch the camera back to third-person mode, but it's only temporary. If the command doesn't work for you, then try inputting the toggle or dStudio command to activate cheat mode.

Happy zombie hunting!
Source: PC Gamer
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I remember replaying Max Payne with 1st Person View mod. It's so cool how experience dramatically changes just because of the player view perspective.
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