Friday, October 27th 2017

ADATA Releases the UV220 and UV320 USB Flash Drives

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of highperformance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, and mobile accessories today launchedthe UV220 and UV330 USB Flash drives, adding to its extensive range of portable storage devices. The UV220 works in USB 2.0 and is offered in up to 64GB, while the UV320 operates in much faster USB 3.1 and ships in up to 128GB. The two share a capless design where the connector extends and retracts using a quick-slide mechanism. ADATA remains committed to its USB Flash drive global leadership role and will continue releasing new models as market needs evolve.

From USB 2.0 to USB 3.1 5Gbps, ADATA recognizes demand for diverse USB Flash drives remains strong. Consumers want functionality, style, and ease of use as well as affordability. Hence ADATA delivers: from the entry-level UV220 to the vastly speedier UV320, and their many contemporaries in the ADATA catalog. From 16GB UV220s to 128GB UV320, just these two classic models cover much ground and offer a wealth of options for users that need to quickly save and move data.
Capless, quick-slide build for hassle-free mobility
ADATA designers have long preferred USB Flash drives with no cap, as with such a design there is less clutter and fewer parts to potentially misplace. The UV220 and UV320 are capless, with extended USB connectors that neatly protrude and retract into the main body of the drive using a slider that can be easily controlled with one finger. This intuitive design helps make the UV220 and UV320 extremely satisfying to use on the go.

Choice of vibrant color schemes
The UV220 arrives in white/gray, black/blue, navy/royal blue, or pink/turquoise blue. The UV320 ships in black/blue or white/green. With so many color options, consumers can make a more personal choice based on their preference.

Secure portage with strap hook
Like most ADATA USB Flash drives, the UV220 and UV320 have a dedicated hook for securing them to a strap, lanyard, keychain or other attachments. This further boosts their portability and reduces the chances of misplacing drives and losing valuable data.
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4 Comments on ADATA Releases the UV220 and UV320 USB Flash Drives

did they really wrote "style"?
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These monolithic flash drives are popular, because they do not bend i lost my brothers pioneer home cinema because off usb 3. such a waste and trouble.
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so where the hell is the USB C model?

And NO, please don't tell me to use an adapter, that does NOT get you the extra speed and bandwidth that C provides, or would, if we can ever get any peripherals with it natively built in........
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