Friday, November 10th 2017

Cooler Master Launches New 120, 140 mm RGB Fans, C10L Fan Controller

Cooler Master has quietly added to their product pages three new 120 mm Fan models, and two additional renditions of the same fans in 140 mm size. The new 120 mm fan models all belong to the MasterFan Pro product line, but are available with three different design philosophies according to users' particular needs: there's an AirFlow model, an AirPressure one, and a Air Balanced one. The names are pretty explicit as to the specific use cases easch fan has been designed for. All of these fan models come equipped with a Red, Blue, or RGB toggle built-in, so users get some measure of choice without acquiring the new C10L fan controller the company has also launched. There's also support for ASUS' Aura Sync, MSI's Mystic Light, ASRock's RGB, and Gigabyte's RGB Fusion software suites on select motherboards.
The new C10L RGB fan controller is a wired solution that includes an inline control for users to select between a variety of RGB colors and display modes, as well as choosing specific brightness settings for the colors they want to show off. The C10L controller doesn't require any software to function. It includes six preset modes and seven different single colors options, as well as the usual "breathing light" solution.
Sources: Cooler Master, Cooler Master C10L, Thanks @ Chaitanya!
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Why does the inline Controller use a molex power connector? Those things need to go away already. If I was using this I would chop it off and crimp on a Sata power connector just to save having a useless run of molex cables coming out of my PSU.
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Another "lost in translation" moment? I'm wondering what inspiration for the blade design they got from a bird enclosure?

I suspect they meant it to say "avian" or something to do with a bird's wing? These companies really should hire some good native speakers to do their PRs/manuals etc.
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