Friday, January 19th 2007

Swiftech Intros New G80 Heatsinks

The MC21 MOSFET coolers from Swiftech are small aluminum heatsinks designed to cool surface mount components such as mosfets. The product was tailored to fit the VCore mosfets on NVIDIA's G80 series graphics cards, but it can also be installed on motherboards mosfets, and any other IC application where passive cooling is desired. It is a perfect combination with Swiftech's VGA water-blocks and allows high-end graphic cards to operate cool and in virtual silence. The MC21 MOSFET heatsinks are available now for $9.95 MSRP directly from Swiftech or some of its retailers. Source: Swiftech
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Gonna buy me some of those, put on my mobo, and on the mosfets on my Xbox360. Should get down some temps in there?? :) Ive already bought some zalman vga ram coolers for the 2 ram chips that are open in the 360. And also bought an XCM 360 High Speed Air Cooler Fan with temp lcd, and extra xcm 70mm front fan as well. My 360 gpu/cpu are at 51c/41c at LOAD after these changes, also changed the old paste to AS5. Im really happy with my 360 temps now, and these will make them propably even better!! :)
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Bird of Prey
These are awesome.

Hey Haze, you gotta tell me how you did it bro. I would love to lower the temps on the 360 with all those nice changes. What were your temps on it before the change? Thanks.
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Well i dont really exactly know how warm the 360 got before. But i would guess upwards 60c atleast before all changes.

Try to google the XCM 360 High Speed Air Cooler, should be available at some local console store near you. Zalman´s Ram Memory coolers you can find at almost every pc-store. And the front 70mm fan i wrote about is also XCM´s, but its a bit noisy, so i recommend you order it, but buy an extra 70mm fan from some other vendor and change it on the 70mm fan holder you get with the XCM one. The XCM high speed air cooler pack comes with the LCD screen, so you can see the temps of youre gpu and cpu. So after all this youre all good!! :D Hopefully you understood all this. Its not that hard actually, only if you find all the parts i mentioned!? :)

Good Luck, you wont regret it.
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