Friday, March 16th 2007

CeBIT: R600 and G80 cooling done right

The card is not even near any stores and there are plenty of companies showcasing the proper water cooler for it. Yes, I am talking about the R600 that you won't even see at the CeBIT. But the good news is if you decided to buy a G80 based card recently - there is even more cooling gear out for that one. Thanks go out to the ComputerBase which came up with the pictures.Thermaltake G80 and R600
Massive Arctic Cooling R600/G80 Prototype
ASUS AquaTank
Zalman G80 GTX/GTS Solutions

Update: PC Games Hardware have some more details of the AC Prototype.
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6 Comments on CeBIT: R600 and G80 cooling done right

I want to know if there is ANY possibility of using my x1900 waterblock on the gpu on an r600 card.... REALLY, REALLY dont want to have to gut my computer, the effort needed would be immense to say the least...
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Too much watercooling! I want good air cooling. So far only two companies have it right.
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that arctic cooling looks so big
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Bird of Prey
the AC one looks kind of retarded...I dont think it looks like a WC setup to me. I like Zalmans (beautiful) and TT's the best!
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