Tuesday, December 12th 2017

ADATA and TechPowerUp XPG EMIX Giveaway: The Winners

Earlier this month, ADATA and TechPowerUp brought you the XPG EMIX Giveaway, a chance for three lucky winners to get an set of ADATA XPG EMIX H30 Headset and SOLOX F30 Amplifier, each. Together, the XPG EMIX H30 headset and SOLOX F30 amp make for a high-end, eSports tournament-grade audio solution for competitive gamers. The XPG EMIX H30 combines the highest grade acoustic-dampening with large drivers. The SOLOX F30 is a tailor-made amp for this headset, that puts out just the right impedance and range, along with a great degree of physical and software control. Without further ado, the winners:
  • Joshua from the United States
  • Manuel from Spain
  • Kevin from Canada
A huge congrats to you three! TechPowerUp will return with more such interesting giveaways!
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4 Comments on ADATA and TechPowerUp XPG EMIX Giveaway: The Winners

ME ME ME ME !!! :)
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Ugh! Canada! So close! lol....

Congrats, peoples!
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jaw shwaa
I was hoping to be Joshua from the United States XD , but still , congrats to the winners
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