Sunday, January 14th 2018

Jabra Has Your Ears at CES 2018

Jabra, an acoustic-focused brand, took to CES 2018 to showcase their latest developments in the world of sound-delivering straight to your eardrums. The company makes a model for every type of user, and every ergonomic taste, really. The company took the opportunity to showcase some particular sound drivers though. On one hand, there were the wireless, fitness-oriented Elite Sport earbuds, which even carry a heart rate monitor function, and have a specially-designed ergonomic outline that serves both form and function.

Their Jabra Elite 65T true wireless earbuds, on the other hand, leave ergonomics a little to the side (while still being comfortable to use, naturally) to focus more on signal quality, bringing premium sound and call quality with its unique 4-microphone technology. The 15-hour battery on these will certainly appeal to power users; those that really like to shut off from the world around them.
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Using a Jabra BT headset for work every day and I can seriously vouch for their product. Build quality is excellent, functionality is flawless.
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I really want something like this. It's also great for a lot of people I know who use music to help them focus but they can't use earbuds in class and this has a high degree of concealability which is nice. Any rumors on prices????
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TPU addict
O hell no, don't believe in blocking the ear in such way.
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