Tuesday, March 13th 2018

AOC Announces New Line of Professional Monitors: The P1 Series

AOC has been making waves with the overall quality and value proposition of each new line of monitors they launch - from the premium to the more budget-conscious offerings. Now, they're introducing a whole new line of monitors that leaves their gaming roots behind in favor of more professional-centric features.

The series will cover the 21.5"-27" range, and panel types will vary between TN and IPS panels according to diagonal and pricing. Starting in the 21.5", the AOC 22P1D is equipped with a 21.5 "TN panel with 1080 screen resolution. The 24P1 is a 23.8" monitor which upgrades the panel to an IPS solution, features a 16:9 screen ratio with 1080p resolution, and a three-frameless bezel. There will be another 24" monitor in the form of the X24P1, which keeps all the features and specs of the 24P1, but brings the screen ratio to 16:10. Rounding out the lineup, we've got the 27" 27P1 (which sports an IPS panel with 1080p resolution) and the flagship 27", Q27P1 (which also sports an IPS panel but increases the resolution to QHD (2560 x 1440).

These monitors have been designed to be versatile: all solutions in the P1 series will support fully adjustable ergonomic stands (height adjustment of up to 130 mm or 150 mm by rotating -175 / + 175° and -5 / 35°), and connectors are suited to all manner of workplaces (VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2). A built-in USB 3.0 hub in each monitor of the series further increases connectivity options. There's support for Flicker Free and low blue light modes.

Pricing is in line with AOC's overall pricing philosophy: the AOC 22P1D will be available for €159, while the 22P1 will incur in a slight premium, up to €189 (both of these monitors will be available in May). Available slightly later in July, the 24P1 will be available for 209€; the 16:10 aspect ratio of the X24P1 will incur in a very heavy price premium which will bring it up to €279; up the diagonal to a 27" and the 27P1 (the one with 1080p resolution) will be available for €299. Finally, the premium flagship Q27P1 will be available for €349.
Source: Chip.cz
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