Monday, March 19th 2018

Twitter Reportedly Looking Into Banning Cryptocurrency-Related Ads as Well

After Google has actually announced a change to their financial services-related ad policies that will ban all cryptocurrency-related ads that run through its advertising platform, reports now place Twitter as the next major service to follow suit. According to Sky News, the banning will affect the majority of ads relating to cryptocurrency products, services, and advice, cutting it diagonally and indiscriminately if services are actually legit or fakes. The publication says the decision comes "amid looming regulatory intervention in the sector."

Sky's sources say this ban will enter into effect within the next two weeks. If so, this is now the third major servie (after Facebook and Google) to ban all crypto-related content form its advertisements. That regulatory intervention is looming on the sector is putting it mildly; and it's high time that happened. The cryptocurrency market really is "being chilled", to quote Mike Lempres, chief legal and risk officer at Coinbase. And it's coming from all sides: regulatory bodies, general services, John Oliver shows, mainstream media, and even investors' own risk-assessment. It was bound to happen - the frenzy was getting quite old, really - and is an expected development. Let's hope this is just the beginning of a renewal of sorts for the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.
Sources: Sky News, Coindesk, Coinbase Medium Blog
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4 Comments on Twitter Reportedly Looking Into Banning Cryptocurrency-Related Ads as Well

Google already Seam to be filtering advertising already, i used to get etoro every five minutes now its the latest mobile war game again, im not sure i like this.
But given the wave of failed ICOs something needed to be done just not this imho.
The Sec will get its regulations sorted out soon so this will then be excessive imo again.
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next stop - ban them all together at a government level.
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next stop - ban them all together at a government level.
You'll find there are quite a few stops between then and there, I fear. Web advertising does not remotely indicate or drive government policy.
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I highly doubt cryptocurrency will be banned. Sure, there are a few countries, but the dominant ones see the cash flow and want the taxes on it. The SEC is already adopting that they are fine with crypto, but they want to regulate the ico's involved in the space. I have 0 problems with that.

Blockchain could revolutionize banking and currency exchanges. It's just a matter of banks adopting it. Wire transfers are slow and inefficient in comparison.
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