Tuesday, April 3rd 2018

Intel Announces Core i5+ and Core i7+ Case Badges

In addition to a number of 8th generation Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Celeron, and Pentium Gold SKUs, Intel introduced two new brand extensions, the Core i5+ and Core i7+. Targeted at pre-built gaming desktops, the new Core i5+ and Core i7+ case-badges indicate that the machine runs not just an 8th generation Core processor, but also an Intel Optane SSD, along with pre-configured Rapid Storage Technology driver for Optane acceleration. Intel will push its OEM partners to bundle its Optane 800p series drives with processors. It demonstrated higher game performance compared to a TLC SATA SSD, thanks probably to the game data being "heated" (cached) onto the Optane 800p drive. The company will also extend this branding to notebooks with Optane 800p drives.
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6 Comments on Intel Announces Core i5+ and Core i7+ Case Badges

Just adding more confusion. This is downright misleading, they advertising the CPUs as better when the only improvement is the storage. What's Next? Core i7++, the extra plus added for having DDR4 memory? I guess when Intel has such command of the market they can mislead customers all they want.
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The can just make the EEs again, by that logic.
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You can't say Intel doesn't listen to their customers anymore. You asked for more cores and an improved architecture? Here are the badges you requested.
Oh, wait...
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Instead of this, they could've added a little text below saying "Intel Optane Inside" or something like that. But noooo, add more confusion, why won't you, Intel...
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Thermaltake fanboy
i was waiting for better cooling, different retail box or something interesting, not a confusion badge just to promote optane craps.... thanks intel for come with monkey stuff when possible...
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