Monday, June 4th 2018

MSI MEG X399 Creation to be the Most Outrageous Threadripper Motherboard You Can Buy

This Computex, we are on the lookout for motherboards based on Intel Z390 and upcoming AMD chipsets such as the B450, or even the Z490; but a new X399 motherboard for the Ryzen Threadripper was the last thing we expected. Imagine our shock at the sight of the MSI MEG X399 Creation. This board has the most polarizing, in-your-face design from MSI since the mid-2000s (roller-coaster heatsinks, anyone?). The board appears to be clearly wider than ATX spec, and approaching E-ATX territory.

A humongous L-shaped heatsink dominates the bottom-right corner, cooling not just the AMD X399 chipset, but also three M.2 slots. The top-left, and far-left corners feature some of the largest CPU VRM heatsinks we've seen in a long while. The VRM heatsink extends to the left side, while the rear-I/O shroud blends into it, running the entire length of the left side. The board gives you a maximum of 7 M.2 slots. A 19-phase VRM drawing power from two 8-pin EPS connectors fuels your Threadripper. Four PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, eight DDR4 DIMM slots, and the whole shebang of OC features make for the rest of it.
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16 Comments on MSI MEG X399 Creation to be the Most Outrageous Threadripper Motherboard You Can Buy

Pfft, no PS/2 port, no U.2 port(s), meh.
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That looks... Explosive.
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That VRM system. holy f#@k
(psst, can we have this in X299 pls?)
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That VRM system. holy f#@k
(psst, can we have this in X299 pls?)
The computer says no.

Where's the 10Gbit Ethernet though?
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In retrospect why was a Threadripper board the last thing people expected to see at Computex? Assuming this is almost ready to launch it should arrive just before or with the new Threadripper CPUs later this year.
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Not a fan of the aesthetic but nice to see not so neutered larger boards with way more IO, functionality, etc. Seems like almost every ATX or EATX now is some glorified mATX that doesn't really come close to maxing out board space and possibilities. Not that this is a great example or anything but better than most even for HEDT.
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Yeah, really. Where's the 10G ethernet? Any board in this price range needs a 10G NIC.
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I've never thought about naming my motherboard 'Meg'.
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roller-coaster heatsinks
I don't remember these, but they certainly fit the description.
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Can they bring back BIOS chips that aren't soldered on to the board, that would be great.
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UbersonicPfft, no PS/2 port, no U.2 port(s), meh.
You misspelled. Its MEG.

Im wondering what it stands for.... MEltdown Guaranteed? Mucho Extra Grande? The wife you wished you had? :p
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Impressive, but not by its looks... :/
Did you guys we see any AMD OC-Formula motherboard?
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32 Core 64 Thread Threadripper 2 2990X @ 4.35GHz(Max boost)

Yep you heard it here first folks. Something BIG is coming. I wonder whether Intel will release their 28core 56thread Xeon onto X299 to counter this.

Interesting time indeed.
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diatribeI don't remember these, but they certainly fit the description.
That P35 Platinum D3 board from 2007 looks a lot better than this new monstrosity, and the heat sinks look a lot more functional. "MEG" is ugly, looks like it was designed by a teenage boy with ADHD, who forgot to take his Ritalin.
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Shut up Meg!! Also, can we get at least a X470 microATX board please.
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it looks like someone sharted thermal grizzly liquid metal conductor naught all over it... pass! :roll:
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