Monday, June 4th 2018

Thermaltake Unveils Level 20 XT and Level 20 VT Cases

The Level 20 was the centerpiece of Thermaltake's 2018 CES booth. The company is now expanding the Level 20 series, with two new siblings, the Level 20 XT and the Level 20 VT. Both cases are somewhat cubical, with their motherboard trays oriented along the plane of the base, rather than perpendicular to it. The Level 20 XT supports ATX motherboards, while the Level 20 VT is is designed for micro-ATX. Both cases feature tempered glass panels on all sides except the rear and bottom.

Inside, both cases feature a "T-shaped" partition, with the top compartment housing the motherboard tray, and the bottom two housing the drive cages and the PSU bays. Both include at least one 140 mm front intake fan with RGB LED lighting. The Level 20 XT has two such 140 mm intakes. It also gives you up to 9 drive bays. The Level 20 VT, on the other hand, has just the one 140 mm front intake intake, and six drive bays. Both cases feature modern front-panel connectivity.
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3 Comments on Thermaltake Unveils Level 20 XT and Level 20 VT Cases

Good looking, but they're not Core V1 and V21 replacements. Just look at the front panel! Putting fans in front of a closed off front panel. Why pull a H500!?

One of them goes look like it has mesh, or maybe it just has a filter behind the front panel.
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Thermaltake fanboy
Rest in peace "Tt level" series, originally started Design Collaboration by Thermaltake and BMW Group Designworks USA... a piece of art, now they come with a ridiculous cube case? WTF Tt really ?
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Modern front panel connectivity, yet no USB-C?
I haven't decided whether I like the glass coffee table look or not, but I know my place gets real dusty and that glass will be a pain to keep clean.
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