Thursday, June 7th 2018

EVGA Unveils the Super G7 1000, The Most Compact 1000W PSU

EVGA showed off a prototype of the Super G7 1000, the most compact 1000-Watt power supply. This unit is just 125 mm in length, or about the length of mainstream 400-600W PSUs, but is fully modular, and packs a 1000W punch. The unit is about 17% smaller than a SuperNova 1000 G3, and is expected to be cheaper than it. This feat is made possible by some parts of the main PCB made to stand as perpendicular daughterboards. The unit still manages to tick all high-end checkboxes, including a single +12V design, DC-to-DC switching, 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, electrical protections, and full modular cabling. It measures 150 mm x 86 mm x 125 mm (WxHxD), and employs a 120 mm fan to keep cool. EVGA plans to launch this some time in September 2018.
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3 Comments on EVGA Unveils the Super G7 1000, The Most Compact 1000W PSU

Neat. Now bring us a SFF version of this next year <3
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This is nice in ways but I imagine it'll be a lot hotter with less air space,I could be weong though. Either way, it's nice.
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Nice innovation. I like EVGA power supplies. I usually dont need more than 850w though even in my 24-bay servers.
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