Friday, June 8th 2018

Tesoro Showcases Multiple Keyboard Products at COMPUTEX 2018

Tesoro, best known for its peripherals and gaming chair lineup, took to COMPUTEX to showcase the products it expects users to take keen interest to. The company's Durandal keyboard has been one of the crowd's favorite, and now, Tesoro is upgrading it to the Durandal MX One model, which features Cherry's MX RGB Silver Speed Switch. Other features include a high-strength steel plate casing with PBT double injection keycaps; USB 3.0 pass through; a detachable magnetic memory foam wrist rest (easily cleanable); and a sound control wheel and mute button. The Durandal MX One will be available from $149.99.
Tesoro's GRAM XS keyboard is a more minimalist affair, which combines a slim keyboard design and chiclet keycaps to provide a more discrete typing experience. Tesoro's own UPL switches are used here, allowing for the keyboard's ultra-slim thickness of only 2.4cm (0.9 inch). There's support for Bluetooth version 4.2 for increased typing performance and connection stability (users can also make use of a detachable braided USB connection, if so they choose), and the keyboard overall looks extremely refined - and is available in both black and white color options for $119.99.
Tesoro's GRAM MX One is a slightly more budget solution, but users would find it hard to know that without any pricing information. It takes the GRAM series framework and packages it in a steel casing, alongside a detachable USB cable and blue led backlighting solution (no RGB). It still carries Cherry MX switches in either the Blue or Brown variety, and there's an option for a white or black keyboard. The Gram MX One is available for $79.99.
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2 Comments on Tesoro Showcases Multiple Keyboard Products at COMPUTEX 2018

Finally some normal keyboard from Tesoro.
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oh magnetic wristrest .... nea... wait i have one like that (okay only faux leather ... no memory foam :oops:) , MX RGB nea... wait ... Kailh RGB blue are fine too ... dedicated media ke... errrr...

pricing ... 149.99$ .... errrr double the price of my own keyboard ... that's an expensive USB3.0 pass through (well my lapboard had a USB3.0 hub)

although, now i am totally convinced that "floating key" keyboard are superior to regular one (cleaning :laugh: ) and a thick metal place is also nice
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