Tuesday, June 19th 2018

Cooler Master Launching Gateron-based Keyboards CK550, CK552

Cooler Master is gearing up for launch of two extra mechanical keyboards, packing Gateron switches (rated for 50 million clicks) instead of the more market-wide Cherry MX ones. The Gateron switches will also be available in Blue, Red and Brown varieties, and are similar in behavior to the Cherry MX ones (blue for tactile-clicky, brown for tactile-silent, and red for a linear switch).

These will still feature some extra gaming features, such as on-the-fly macros and the ubiquitous RGB lighting with a bazillion modes (and the keys have a translucent base for improved lighting). The CK550 features a brushed aluminum casing in gunmetal gray, and is available worldwide starting today from €89. The CK552 is a US/Canada exclusive, features a black brushed aluminum casing, and will be available from $79.99 only at Best buy and Staples.
Sources: CM CK552, CM CK550
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~Technological Technocrat~
But what if you spilled some Gatorade on this Gateron-based Keyboard. Would that make it a Defectacon? :pimp::pimp:
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