Monday, July 23rd 2018

Cooler Master Intros TUF Gaming Alliance Variants of MA410M and MA620P Coolers

Cooler Master rolled out TUF Gaming Alliance variants of two of its recently launched MasterAir series CPU coolers, the MA410M and MA620P, suffixed with "TUF Edition." The two are practically identical to the originals, but have a few design bits from ASUS' The Ultimate Force (TUF) color scheme. The MA410M TUF Edition features the urban camo insert along its top-plate, and yellow accents. The MA620P TUF Edition features a matte black top-plate with black heat-pipe caps; and a more restrained TUF urban camo print, with yellow accents. Both coolers feature variants of the MF120 fans that have yellow silicone dampeners along the mount holes of the frame; and a TUF Gaming Alliance logo on the impeller's hub. The company didn't reveal pricing.
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11 Comments on Cooler Master Intros TUF Gaming Alliance Variants of MA410M and MA620P Coolers

So much RGB. I bet it will help cool CPU by at least 5C below ambient.

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So colourful like rainbows
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This one actually hurts my eyes, for real...
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Chloe Price
R.I.P. original TUF series.
Agree. My old Sabertooth Z87 was great, but the TUF boards these days... meh.
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I don't know if I should laugh or cry...
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I have nothing against RGB, but one thing ALL of these products need to do is just display one color in ads. People will generally understand it can be changed (at least this market does, who it's directed towards). Don't make your product look tacky and clownish.
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And here i thought there`s nothing uglier than Noctua poop edition fans.
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The TUF series has really lost its direction and this is like the nail on it. Huge shame. Not that this wouldn't appeal to someone else and it's totally fine; I actually like RGB LEDs. But as something "TUF" branded, it just falls short of what I'd expect.
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