Monday, July 23rd 2018

Cooler Master Also Intros MasterBox MB500 TUF Gaming Edition Case

In addition to rolling out TUF Gaming Alliance variants of the MA410M and MA620P coolers, Cooler Master unveiled the MasterBox MB500 TUF Gaming case. A variant of the original MB500 launched in April, the case incorporates several design elements of ASUS' new brand. To begin with, the upper half of the front panel, and the left side panel features the urban camo pattern characteristic of TUF Gaming. The right side panel is printed with a large TUF emblem, along with a few design lines from the original. Although the fans support RGB multi-color lighting, out of the box, they run at a pale military green color (we wonder why it isn't yellow). The rest of its feature-set is identical to the original. The company didn't reveal pricing, but mentioned that the case could go on sale on the 26th of July.
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7 Comments on Cooler Master Also Intros MasterBox MB500 TUF Gaming Edition Case

Redefining Ugly and Dated

Holy crap
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I still have a cm storm case i could update it
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Soon people with simple cases (no window, no RGB, no bling at all) will be chased and arrested. They'll be called casophobic and declared dangerous anti-social.
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Vayra86 said:
Redefining Ugly and Dated

Holy crap

Hard to find a nice new case that isn't full of bling and god awful RGB.
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Surely you meant 26th of July?
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Chloe Price
Hm, I'd say that this looks great in fact, but the TUF series is rather low-end these days.

A Rampage/Maximus/Crosshair edition would be cool, not just that Strix lineup on ROG branded cases.
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