Thursday, February 1st 2007

PSP upgraded to version 3.10

People who bought the PS3 got a very nice surprise yesterday, the PSP firmware has been updated. There are no really major changes from version 3.0, but some things to take note of if you do upgrade.
  • Streamlined PlayStation Store downloads.
  • New Location Free player, which supports MPEG4-AVC.
  • The Network part of the Cross Media Bar now features a PlayStation Spot option.
  • New "low memory usage" option for the internet browser.
  • Dynamic Equalizer to balance audio.
Sony should also be patching a few security issues in this version of PSP firmware, and Spring PSP games should require it.Source: 1Up
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6 Comments on PSP upgraded to version 3.10

There dosen't seem to be a good reason to update.

The updates used to be full of usefull stuff. Maybe they have just given us all they can.
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Anyone want to downgrade their PSP?

I've created an all in one installer that does everything.

Downgrades every type of PSP. inc. 2.71, 2.80 & 3.03 firmware.

Also includes 3.03OE-C update.

PM & let me know. If enough people are interested I will create another thread.

btw. This 3.10 has already been dycrypted. It was a panic release by Sony to try & stop people downgrading.
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Not that theres any real reason to downgrade either. the emus are fun for abit but novelty soon wares off as the only emu that runs at a decent speed is the genesis emus. iso loading is nice for trying games before buying i guess but the risk involved flashing the hacked firmware just isnt worth it.
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Not really any risk involved. The only time I've known the downgraders not to work & brick a PSP is when the user makes a mistake.

I'm not telling people to downgrade. I'm just letting the other boys & girls know that if they want to downgrade - I've got the kit to do it.
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Please Help Me Downgrade

i bought my psp sometime in august 2006. Well, I've just been using my psp as a normal person, and i updated it frequently to have the best software available.

i just recently (earlier today) found out about all this homebrew stuff, and that you can do cool things with PSP such as a radio or universal remote! I WANT IN![B][/B]

unfortunately, i routinely update my psp. i have version 3.10, because i updated like 1 or two days ago. IS THERE ANYWAY TO DOWNGRADE ME AND GET ME IN ON SOME OF THIS ACTION??!!
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