Tuesday, October 16th 2018

Discord Store Beta is Live; Nitro Subscriptions Get Games Added

We reported in August this year that Discord was trying out games delivery as a service option, and today the company took a major step forward in this regard by bringing out the Discord Store to a public beta state. For all intents and purposes, the store is fully functional and all users have access to it regardless of whether you are a free user or subscribe to the Discord Nitro service. The new store is curated, and attempts to be user friendly in finding games- something that is easier with fewer games on board, as Steam users will be quick to tell you. There are a few "First on Discord" games already, and the number is bound to increase as the company will have to attract users to what is yet another game store option on the PC platform.

Going the profitable subscription route, Discord Nitro at $9.99/month or $99/year (USD) now offers 60+ games at no additional cost. This list includes smaller titles such as last year's popular horror game Soma, as well as larger AAA titles from before including Metro: Last Light Redux for what they term as a combined value exceeding $1000. For those who do not want games but wish to retain the older perks of Nitro, the new Nitro Classic at $4.99/month is for you. Lastly, for those worrying about the need for another separate launcher, the addition of Discord Library means that games from the Discord Store can be launched right from Discord itself. In a pleasant bonus, Discord Library will also allow players to launch other games regardless of where they were purchased from, although this currently is similar to adding an external game on the Steam application.
Source: Discord Blog
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2009 games for 10$ month, himm origin access thinking emoji
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Bill Cliny
That Nitro subscription sucks. You can buy all those games, on steam sale for less than $99, and own the games in the end.
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