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Sony Announces PlayStation Integration With Discord

Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired a minority stake in Discord as part of their latest Series H funding round, this comes after talks with Microsoft for a complete acquisition failed. Sony hopes to integrate Discord with the PlayStation Network ecosystem on consoles and mobile starting early next year to allow for a more seamless experience. This recent news helps explain Sony's decision to retire the PS4 communities feature which boasted tens of thousands of active users. The complete press release from Sony Interactive Entertainment can be found below.

Discord Exits Acquisition Talks with Microsoft, Will Remain Independent Company

Discord has reportedly ended acquisition talks with Microsoft after they rejected a 12 billion USD bid according to people familiar with the matter. Microsoft was not the only company interested in buying Discord, other interested parties included Twitter and some valuations but the company at 15 - 18 billion USD. Discord raised 100 million USD in its latest private funding round with a valuation of 7 billion USD from Greenoaks Capital and Index Ventures. Discord is now focused on increasing revenue from its 140 million users which sat at 130 million USD in 2020. The company is also preparing for an initial public offering sometime in the future.

Microsoft in Talks to Acquire Discord for $10 Billion

Microsoft is reportedly in talks with Discord Inc. for an acquisitions that sees Redmond pay $10 billion, sources tell Bloomberg. Discord is a major chat and collaboration platform popular with gamers, e-sports athletes, PC enthusiasts, and the tech community at large. The platform currently has over 100 million monthly active users, and has grown in utility as a collaborative work and learning platform owing to its free service model, providing not just text, but also group video. Discord has, in the past, been in acquisition talks with Epic Games and Amazon, so it remains to be seen if the Microsoft offer goes through.

Many thanks to DeathtoGnomes for the tip

SteelSeries Launches Arctis 9 Dual Wireless Headset for PC and PlayStation

SteelSeries, the worldwide leader in gaming and esports peripherals, today announces the newest member of the award-winning Arctis line - the Arctis 9, a high performance, dual wireless gaming headset for PC and PlayStation. The Arctis 9 will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 at launch. The Arctis 9 features SteelSeries' proven ultra-low latency 2.4GHz lossless wireless connection for high fidelity audio, so gamers can enjoy a lag-free gaming experience on both PC and PlayStation. Like the Arctis Pro Wireless and Arctis 9X, the Arctis 9 also features a simultaneous Bluetooth connection to mobile devices for calls, music and VoIP chat while listening to game audio with lossless 2.4GHz clarity.

The Arctis 9 continues the Arctis family tradition by using the same Discord-certified microphone and critically acclaimed signature Arctis soundscape as the rest of the Arctis line. The ClearCast microphone uses a bidirectional design for superior noise cancellation and natural-sounding clarity, while the signature Arctis soundscape emphasizes both subtle and critical in-game sounds, allowing gamers to hear every in-game detail.

Discord Is Rebranding To Appeal to a Wider Non-Gaming Audience

Discord has recently announced that they will be rebranding with a new "Your Place to Talk" campaign as they work towards making the platform more inclusive to non-gaming fans. Discord has overhauled their landing page to emphasize the platforms various uses such as for "school clubs, gaming groups, or the worldwide art community", the landing page now also prominently features the "Your Place to Talk" slogan throughout.

Specific changes to the Discord platform include the streamlining of user sign up, the introduction of server video support, server creation simplification with templates, and a 200% increase in overall voice/video capacity. Discord is also planning to make the "jokes and references within the app less gaming-specific" which may upset some. The recently launched Discord Safety Center forms a vital part of this transformation helping improve transparency and reduce misuse.

Epic Online Services Launches with New Tools for Cross-Play and More

Epic Games today announces the launch of Epic Online Services, unlocking the ability to effortlessly scale games and unify player communities for all developers. First announced in December 2018, Epic Online Services are battle-tested and powered by the services built for Fortnite across seven major platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android). Open to all developers, Epic Online Services is completely free and offers creators a single SDK to quickly and easily launch, operate, and scale their games across engines, stores, and platforms of their choice.

"At Epic, we believe in open, integrated platforms and in the future of gaming being a highly social and connected experience," said Chris Dyl, General Manager, Online Services, Epic Games. "Through Epic Online Services, we strive to help build a user-friendly ecosystem for both developers and players, where creators can benefit regardless of how they choose to build and publish their games, and where players can play games with their friends and enjoy the same quality experience regardless of the hardware they own."

Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC System Requirements Revealed

Ubisoft's latest entry to its smash-hit open-world tactical combat sim "Ghost Recon" is getting its latest chapter "Breakpoint," bound for an October 4 release. Breakpoint builds on the open-world presentation of "Wildlands," and transports you to the fictional world of Auroa, across its diverse landscapes and drone-patrolled wilderness. Ubisoft today posted the system requirements for "Breakpoint." Nothing serious, the average gaming desktop should comfortably run it at 1080p thru 2K resolution, as detailed in the slide below.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint appears to be closely developed in collaboration with AMD, which means a high-level of optimization for AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards. In particular, the game supports AMD FidelityFX image-quality enhancement introduced with "Navi." The PC version has texture-resolution suited for 4K Ultra HD, supports ultrawide monitors, has uncapped frame-rates, tobii eye-tracking support, and Discord integration. It's available for pre-order on UPlay and Epic Games Store.

Discord Store Offers 90% Revenue Share to Developers, Potentially to Counter Epic Games Threat

The launch of the new Epic Games store for the PC has created many an aftershock in the gaming industry, including Steam updating their revenue share model, but the games press and media alike were quick to discuss implications more so for the equally new Discord store that understandably is more in line as far as breaking into the market goes, and impact from competition accordingly. In a series of moves that no doubt pleases game developers and publishers alike, Discord announced that they are going to offer a 90/10 revenue distribution with 90% in favor of developers- an increase over the industry leading "up to 88%" from Epic Games until then.

There is a small catch in that Discord is allowing developers to self-publish the games if they so desire, which in turn is how they will get that 90% revenue share, so it remains to be seen how user friendly that process is. Discord in their blog post made a big point about how it does not cost 30% to distribute games in 2018, a move that will no doubt be examined throughout not only the gaming industry but every single online app distribution platform where a 70/30 split is the current industry standard. As long as this move enables the store to break even and churn out a profit, we would like to see more of this happening to where game developers get more money and do not feel compelled to work ridiculously long hours.

Discord PC Store Starts Offering Early Access Games

With over 150 million users Discord, the popular chat platform for gamers, made a big step forward last October and launched its own online store. We started talking about that move in August, and it seems the idea is growing on the company, because they will now be offering early access games as part of their current catalog. This allows users to enjoy titles that are still in development, and the title creators can start earning some money while receiving valuable feedback in the process.

There are several games that became popular through this model like 'Ark: Survival Evolved' and even 'Fortnite', and on Discord we will find several offerings of this kind like 'Mad Machines', 'Parkasaurus', 'Kynseed', 'Visage' or 'Descenders'. This new catalog is an interesting addition to other platform offerings such as Discord Nitro, its own subscription service that offers unlimited access to 60+ games for $9.99/month or $99/year (USD).

Discord Store Beta is Live; Nitro Subscriptions Get Games Added

We reported in August this year that Discord was trying out games delivery as a service option, and today the company took a major step forward in this regard by bringing out the Discord Store to a public beta state. For all intents and purposes, the store is fully functional and all users have access to it regardless of whether you are a free user or subscribe to the Discord Nitro service. The new store is curated, and attempts to be user friendly in finding games- something that is easier with fewer games on board, as Steam users will be quick to tell you. There are a few "First on Discord" games already, and the number is bound to increase as the company will have to attract users to what is yet another game store option on the PC platform.

Going the profitable subscription route, Discord Nitro at $9.99/month or $99/year (USD) now offers 60+ games at no additional cost. This list includes smaller titles such as last year's popular horror game Soma, as well as larger AAA titles from before including Metro: Last Light Redux for what they term as a combined value exceeding $1000. For those who do not want games but wish to retain the older perks of Nitro, the new Nitro Classic at $4.99/month is for you. Lastly, for those worrying about the need for another separate launcher, the addition of Discord Library means that games from the Discord Store can be launched right from Discord itself. In a pleasant bonus, Discord Library will also allow players to launch other games regardless of where they were purchased from, although this currently is similar to adding an external game on the Steam application.

Discord Dips its Toes in Games Distribution

Discord is currently (maybe not so arguably as that) the most popular social gaming platform there is, and counts with millions upon millions of players (it counts some 150 million users) using its services daily. Of course, after a userbase has been defined and taken a hold of, new opportunities and ways of increasing the bottom line - while simultaneously, if possible, adding more value to that same userbase - becomes paramount to growth.

Discord thus has decided to dip its toes in the games delivery service. On the one hand, it's yet another platform for game splintering across multiple accounts and services, thus vying for app attention in our systems. On the other, it's another competitor to the juggernaut that is Steam, but comes loaded with already-implemented social features which the latter will take a long time - if at all - to correctly implement. Discord is choosing to take this time at first, with just 50,000 users enrolling in their store interface, and offering a drum-roll selection of games - which they aim to be more of a curated service than a "rolling snowstorm of titles" affair. Besides directly selling games, they'll be adding free games accessible to subscribers of Discord's Nitro service.
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