Thursday, December 13th 2018

Sharkoon Announces the Drakonia II Gaming Mouse - The Dragon Returns

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals which boasts performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now introduces the successor to its popular gaming mouse, the Drakonia. The new Drakonia II is again presented with a distinctive dragon-scale design and pleasant ergonomic form. The mouse also features a high performance optical sensor from PixArt as well as numerous programmable buttons.
Precise Sensor and Adjustable Weight
The Sharkoon Drakonia II is equipped with an optical PixArt 3360 sensor, offering a maximum of 15,000 DPI, and provides the user with six customizable DPI levels. The white illuminated DPI indicator has the essential function of signaling which level is currently selected. For further precision and a more individualized operation, the Drakonia II has an internal weight tuning system consisting of five weights, each weighing 5.6 grams, adjusting the weight by up to 28 grams in total.
Equipped for Everything Thanks to Twelve Programmable Buttons
The Drakonia II offers twelve programmable buttons, which will be particularly interesting for MMO gamers, as these can be assigned with regularly used functions. Additionally, the two thumb buttons of the predecessor model have now been upgraded to a total of six buttons. For greater durability, the left and the right mouse buttons have been equipped with robust Omron switches.
Dragon Design with RGB Illumination
The Drakonia II comes with an eye-catching dragon-scale design and is available in either green or black. The thumb button, the scroll wheel and the Drakonia logo are all supported with RGB illumination. A secure grip is ensured thanks to the texturized thumb rests found on each side of the mouse.
Wide-Ranging Gaming Software
To make the Drakonia II ready for the next battle, the Sharkoon has combined the gaming mouse with a high performing software. When using this, the DPI levels can be set and buttons can be assigned with macros and a multitude of other functions. Moreover, the software enables the customization of the colors and lighting effects. The gaming software is available as a free download from the Sharkoon website.

The Sharkoon Drakonia II is now available for retail as a green or black version. The suggested retail price is 39.99 Euros.
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9 Comments on Sharkoon Announces the Drakonia II Gaming Mouse - The Dragon Returns

God it's awful looking...great sensor at the price point though.
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Tech, Games, and TPU!
Ferrum Master@Toothless

That for you.
Looks like really bad armor.
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I've used several Sharkoon mice, and I was happy with each and every one of them (most notably with Fireglider, which still works after close to 10 years)... so, this one could be a winner at that price.
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I wish they made more silent click gaming mice...

As someone who games around other people that also like to be in the room, it's something I cant find anywhere. Currently on my second 500hz amazon silent click gaming special ($16) because the buttons died on the first :S.
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And i thought the paintjob on the previous Drakonia was bad.....

P.S. I hope the've fixed the problems with the scroll wheel the 1st one had. If yes, this one might be a great deal.
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Sharkoon build quality for mice is horrible. Be ready for wonky side buttons and bad coating. The Fireglider might be the only exception to that.
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A4tech when it used to be crappy, budget company used on some of their mice such horribly looking visuals. Their gaming mice and keyboards function under "bloody" trademark.
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looks good but how long it will last before fading away or chipping
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