Wednesday, February 7th 2007

Hackers Attack the Internet

During the last 24 hours, 13 of the internet’s root servers have reported attacks by hackers in South Korea. The Homeland Security Department admitted that it has witnessed anomalous internet traffic, with three of the targeted servers being briefly overwhelmed by a series of attacks over 12 hour periods. This is being labelled as the most serious attack on the internet since 2002, although it still had almost no affect on internet users around the world. Initial reports suggest that malicious attempt is probably unlikely and it may simply have been hackers in South Korea having a bit of fun.Source: Engadget
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Semi-Retired Folder
Oh Noes They Be Steelin' Our Intranets!!1!
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I'm tired of hackers, they just need to disappear from the face of the planet.
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Bird of Prey
Interesting. Hackers need to hack banks from the rich and drug dealers and spread the wealth to all of us!
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I don't want stolen money. Robin Hood romanticism is stupid, and so are hackers.
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I want stolen untraceable money......Still hackers, sigh.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
lame. dont they know that hacking the internets is soooo 1995.
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White Hats are ok.
But still, this news is ridiculous.
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Easy Rhino said:
lame. dont they know that hacking the internets is soooo 1995.
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Hmmm, hackers are trying to shut down the internet, perhaps it's a sign that's telling me to get off the computer and get ready for my precalc test tomorrow.
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russianboy said:
they forgot that if there is no internet, there is no porn...

*dragged off kicking and screaming into insane asylum*
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Eric3988 said:
I'm tired of hackers, they just need to disappear from the face of the planet.
Well, I used to feel that way myself... & was "victimized" by a few when I used to be an IRC user circa 1994-1999...

(Moreso early on this would happen to me, because they gave me inspiration/impetus to learn HOW to stop them or try to, by securing the OS' I used @ the time (mostly Windows NT 3.5x-4.0-2000))

However, but I did learn a LOT from them as well:

E.G.-> All they did was prove to me they could get into my rig, but also told me HOW they did it, & told me HOW to stop it...

(& only 1 managed to "knock me off the wire", & didn't tell me how - uncool!)

I.E. -> It was my gain in the end eventually/really...


* The ones that rob banks & such, I dislike just as much as the next guy... they can literally threaten folks' existence.

(However, the ones that find holes/vulnerabilities in the OS or its peripheral wares I actually respect, IF they report it to the OEM of the software, because they cause improvements in patches to occur many times)

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