Thursday, January 10th 2019

FSP at CES 2019: It's a Case of Power Supplies

FSP at CES made its case for computer cases (ahem) and power supplies alike, looking to cement itself as a viable, gamer-oriented choice in some of its design principles and product styling. The CMT 520 Plus, for example, is an ATX case with support for up to seven system fans that has four preinstalled ARGB fans, compatible with RGB controller software form most motherboard vendors for a seamless experience. Tempered glasses on the black body design take a subdued, mass-market approach which, nevertheless, doesn't get old.

The CMT 340 features much the same design principles, though some additional material touches present on the CMT 520 Plus are now absent, and the footprint of the chassis is now reduced, which brings the maximum number of supported system fans down to four.
The Dagger II Pro features a no-frills design for a power supply, and is available in capacities of 550 W and 650 W, with a full protection suite and modular design. It's built for a svelte system, with just 2x PCIe connectors, and packs 80 Plus gold certification for >90% energy efficiency. A completely different beast from the Cannon, that is - an interesting equivalent of bringing a cannon to a dagger fight. The FSP Cannon 2000 features a whopping 18x PCIe connectors and modular design. It too keeps the 80 Plus gold energy efficiency rating.
The Hydro PTM+ distinguishes itself not on the basis of power rating, but on the fact that it supports water cooling - so if you want to keep your power supply and water as close to comfort (maybe too close) as it can get, this is the solution. On the other hand, cooling efficiency should be at the top with this configuration - whether or not that aided in its 80 Plus Platinum energy efficiency rating or not isn't clear. It has 100% Japan-made electrolytic capacitors, and is available in both 800 W and 1200 W capacities.
In another quirky entry, FSp showcased its Twins PSU solution, which features hot-swappable modules for a better compartmentalization of your power needs, and is available in both 500 W and 700 W with 80 Plus Gold certification.
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