Tuesday, January 15th 2019

Akasa Vegas RAM Mate is a Trident Z-lookalike for your Non-RGB Memory Modules

Akasa unveiled the Vegas RAM Mate, the company's entry to the lucrative RGB memory heatspreader market. Borrowing a lot of design ideas from G.Skill's Trident-Z series, this heatspreader consists of two brushed aluminium plates that sandwich a silicone RGB LED diffuser at the top, with eight diodes. The RGB setup supports both 4-pin RGB and 3-pin addressable-RGB connectors. The heatspreader itself supports both VLP 18.3~18.7 mm-tall, and standard 30 mm-tall memory modules, which could be anything DDR1-thru-DDR4, as long as it's standard width (and not SO-DIMM). Akasa appears to be selling these in single-unit quantities, as opposed to some other companies selling their products in 2-piece kits. We expect it to be priced around USD $20-25.
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8 Comments on Akasa Vegas RAM Mate is a Trident Z-lookalike for your Non-RGB Memory Modules

Isn’t this gonna get copyrighted?
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Looks like a Chinese knock-off... just like their RGB strips.
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Looks like a Chinese knock-off...
Not a knock-off. It has 3 notches instead of 2 :D:D:D

What's even weirder, is that they did not think of any way of daisy-chaining RAM backlight, so you don't have to run several wires around the board to the nearest splitter.
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I know how the product development went:
- Boss comes in: We need to have some sort of RGB ram jacket for the people, that don't have RGB ram yet. Keep it simple, low cost. Something off the mill.
- Boss to marketing: What do you got ?
- Marketing: let's make them look like Trident Z, to convey the feeling of premium to the consumers
- Boss: yyeep and the name?
- Marketing: something to associate with lots of colorful, flashing lights that is known across the globe....hmm....Vegas?
- Boss: bingo, I like it. Engineering?
- R@D: oright boss, we mash together the looks of "Trident Z" in the body of Jonsbro heatsink from Aliexpress?
- Boss: Good enough. And price-wise? Charge it 120% above the cheapest offering on Alliexpress and call it a day. Release the news on TPU ;)
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On Trident Z there is only 2 notches and where the notches are it's twin layer finned instead of just 1 layer...and the Trident Z requires no additional wires
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Vanguard Beta Tester
Just the idea of more wires alone but now I need wires coming from my RAM too? Can’t see any design that would allow any kind of tidy cable management for something so insignificant and pointless.
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So, yinz gotta spund ~$100 to light up 4 sticks of ram with some sleezy, ghetto-lookin light strips that are obviously cheaply made and require a set of wiring for EACH stick to run around and clutter up your mobo, WTF ????

not no, not hiel no, but F*CK no :D
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Live OR Die
corsair should of just made there dummy sticks support normal sticks to.
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