Friday, February 9th 2007

DNA-Drivers Returns

I can gladly say DNA-Drivers is back alive. This is supported by the release of DNA's ATi Driver. This can be found here. I have information directly from the creator (KillerSneak) that NVIDIA drivers will be released in a matter of a few weeks. He also stated Vista drivers may take a bit longer due to the fact of Microsofts new "security" measures that requires all drivers to be signed. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out for Vista and modded drivers.

I was told that the DNA-Drivers website will soon have a new look that will blow this temporary theme out of the water. I hope we see some benchmarks comparing the new Omega Drivers release against the DNA-Drivers release based on ATi's 7.1 drivers. Who knows a comparison like this may even come from TPU.Source: DNA-Drivers
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7 Comments on DNA-Drivers Returns

Bird of Prey
I never heard of DNA drivers. I have heard of the Omega drivers and used them at one point in time with my Radeon 9800 Pro. (Though it didnt help because for real I could not overclock the thing much). Nice to see this. Saturday, when I build my new pc, Ill look into these drivers for my X800 GTO2
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I feel bad actually, I was once a good contributer to KS's DNA drivers and I kind of left tehm without saying anything (other things - like exams, etc.)
If previous experience is to go by, then these drivers will be amazing...
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What about crossfire?
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NamesDontMatter said:
due to the fact of Microsofts new "security" measures that requires all drivers to be signed.
hahaha, "security", pure gold....
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Bird of Prey
Cool, then I will definately check these out.
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Just tried them, I have herd of them before and now i know. was using the newest omega ferget the build did well but the driver for the decoder didn't install but with the DNA it did ?
Anyhows the drivers seemed to work well seemed smoother and as for as more frames well duhnno it stayed pretty much the same but still high as on the Omega ...Great now i two favorite drivers!
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