Friday, April 12th 2019

AMD Wins Back Three Graphics Patents from LG

AMD won back ownership of three graphics patents that had earlier been struck down on a complaint by LG Electronics. A U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overruled a ruling of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) which observed that AMD subsidiary ATI Technologies ULC (now reorganized as RTG), has a claim to U.S. patents numbered 7,742,053, 6,897,871, and 7,327,369. The three patents deal with critical technology related to Unified Shaders.

The PTAB had earlier dismissed ATI's ownership of the patents on grounds that the IP claimed was "too obvious in light of prior art." A bench of three Judges in a unanimous decision ruled that ATI had "had conceived of their inventions before the prior art." Put simply, the court was satisfied that the technologies protected by these patents were invented by ATI before the "prior art," and were not "obvious next steps" to it.
Source: IP Watchdog
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Yeah, Intel has a unified shader architecture but I'm not sure who they are paying licenses to for it. You can't make a GPU these days without paying AMD, NVIDIA, or both.
The trio of AMD, Intel and Nvidia pretty much own GPUs. Without licensing agreements with one or more of these making a GPU is difficult if not impossible. That is the main reason nobody is trying and nobody really can try. AMD, Intel and Nvidia have cross-licensing agreements that cover the use of most of the basic patents and in a way this is a Mutually Assured Destruction situation - the moment one of them tries to sue another one for some old patent it is likely to get sued back and it can spiral to oblivion if they do not settle first. In fact, most of the lawsuits between them have resulted in a settlement and cross-licensing agreement.
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