Tuesday, May 28th 2019

ASRock Shows Off Taichi and Phantom Gaming VGA Concept Coolers, Likely For Navi Based Graphics Cards

During our visit with ASRock, we caught a glimpse of two VGA concept cards they have been working on. One can only guess but it would seem likely these design may be used in ASRock's upcoming Navi based offerings. That said, for now these concept cards are using Polaris as a base with the first of concept cards being inspired by their Taichi motherboard brand. The center fan along with a side plate is illuminated by RGB LEDs which feature support for ASRock's Polychrome SYNC. As for the cooler itself is a beefy triple slot or more design that makes use of three fans and a stylish metal backplate. Overall the design looks to be a perfect fit for any system running a Taichi motherboard.
Moving on the two Phantom Gaming concept cards are similar in that they are both triple slot or larger, have three fans and come with illuminated side shrouds. Where they differ is when it comes to the overall aesthetics. Concept card #1 is a black and silver design with RGB accent lighting which runs behind one fan only. Giving the card a more subdued appearance while still maintaining that gamer-centric focus. Meanwhile, concept card #2 features a silver shroud with all three fans illuminated by RGB LEDs. Both concepts also make use of a backplate.
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8 Comments on ASRock Shows Off Taichi and Phantom Gaming VGA Concept Coolers, Likely For Navi Based Graphics Cards

Dat looks like a gas stove

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xkm1948, post: 4056060, member: 50521"
Dat looks like a gas stove

When your computer is all fired up.... :D
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I'm the only one
Imo it's fugly
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its ok, I don't mount my card vertically though, so I will never see the design like ever... so I could care less. imo they should focus more on the part we do see through the glass window of cases, just the little top part... maybe mystical creatures instead of brand letter names... that'd win me over, and make my rig look slick :D

for example MSI the Duke cards, could have put a dragon that lights up there instead the words DUKE.... would have been much cooler. but hey their marketing department are the big money makers not me, so what do I know, lulz
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I dont care how it looks at all. I dont use side window, I despise any form of RGB. Just want the damn thing to work with good performance, low noise, acceptable power consumption and ofc... Good price. But I think is worrying that is 2019 and all AMD can bring with Navi is a RTX 2070 competitor.

BUT, price is what matters. If they make these 350€/380€, they own the market at this price range.
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That middle fan tho.
It looks like a RGB fan but it is a clear fan + RGB ring around it trying to disguise as a RGB fan.
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Where's the type-c connector ?
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Windyson, post: 4056236, member: 187282"
Where's the type-c connector ?
This is just a concept cooler, probably mounted on current gen cards just to show off the cooler.
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