Thursday, May 30th 2019

Akasa Presents Several New Aluminium-rich Cases

Akasa this Computex unveiled half a dozen new premium cases for congested desks and living rooms, which make use of copious amounts of aluminium to both look good and stay cool without any moving parts (read: fans). The Dot and Gem made us go "awww" first. The Dot looks like a Lego brick that spent too much time in Pripyat (although not as big as a real brick itself). It can house several models of Raspberry Pi, ASUS Tinker Board, and ODROID-C2, which are ARM-based "makerboards." You also get an included SD card reader, and room for a Hi-Fi Berry DAC board to go with your Pi. The Gem has a nearly identical design, but with an eclectic top plate design.

The Skytale and Skytale-X, obviously so-named to catch PC enthusiasts' eyes as they passed by the booth, are sleek, silvery-aluminium HTPC cases with a monolithic design (as opposed to heatsink ridges sticking out of the sides). With a height of just 50 mm, both cases are designed for mini-ITX motherboards that needn't be thin. What sets the two apart is the presence of a full-height add-on card slot on the Skytale-X, which uses a PCIe riser. Lastly, we spotted a new variant of the Turing case Akasa launched in February, which comes in a racy shade of blue.
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interesting if we can stack some vertically
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Ferrum Master
I've only been myself in Pripyat.
I'm gonna have to take that tour in August (with co-workers) )))
With my apartment renovations that'll be the only vacation I can afford this summer... :banghead:
interesting if we can stack some vertically
That's the whole purpose of it: a stackable case for RPi aficionados.
... and it looks like my OrangePi Win Plus will fit as well.
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Interesting to say the least. Too bad I'm not in the market for a mini-ITX system :)

I really like the blue Turing one, as it appears that the whole case is one big heatsink, and it also reminds me of the twin towers in NY...

The Skytale boxes are nice and look very reminiscent of the mac mini, which I have always thought was a nice looking concept.

However, I'm NOT diggin the Lego look....seems kinda childish IMHO...beyond a possible stackable set-up that is...

So refreshing to see a case mfgr FINALLY "thinking outside the box" per se, and making stuff that is well designed and way beyond the same ole same same shiitzu me-too boxen that everyone else makes :clap:
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The 90's want their CD-Player designs back.

But... exactly because of that, nostalgia nerds could want one of these !
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nice looking itx cases, really liking the blue color
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