Friday, May 31st 2019

Thermaltake at Computex: TOUGHRAM RGB / TOUGHRAM DDR4 Memory

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear and Enthusiast Memory solutions, proactively participates in the memory market by announcing brand new premium memory products - TOUGHRAM RGB and TOUGHRAM. Besides, the innovative WaterRam RGB Liquid Cooling Memory kit, Thermaltake has expanded its lineup with the clock speed of 3600MHz.

The Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB and TOUGHRAM DDR4 Memory lineup is aiming at high performance gaming/overclocking. TOUGHRAM RGB series range from 3000MHz, 3200MHz and 3600MHz. The RGB lighting effects designed for the TOUGHRAM RGB with its addressable RGB lighting settings can be synchronized with the TT AI Voice Control, Amazon Alexa, and Razer Chroma. TOUGHRAM memory series range from 2400MHz to 3000MHz. These two memory series are supported by the TT Premium heatspreader design, which are tightly screened memory ICs that ensure outstanding cooling performance.
The TOUGHRAM RGB memory is designed with performance 10-layer PCB and specially designed lighting circuitry to ensure no performance impact, while the XMP 2.0 supports keeps the memory at its rated speed with just a single setting. When connected to user's PC via standard DDR4 DIMM slots, the TOUGHRAM RGB doesn't require any additional cables or connectors to provide full lighting control from within the TT RGB MEMORY Software.

Further information about Thermaltake at COMPUTEX Taipei 2019 is available online.

Features of Thermaltake TOUGTHRAM/TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 memory:
Real-Time Performance Management

A specialized software that can supervise each status including temperature, frequency, performance alerts.

High Performance Heatspreader Design
The exclusively made aluminum heatspreader is guaranteed for faster heat dissipation.

Outstanding Performance and Tight Response Times
The carefully-selected, tightly-screened memory ICs guarantees exceptional response times and impressive performance.

Illumination with Amazing Light Effects
TOUGHRAM RGB's 10 high lumens addressable RGB LEDs offer countless lighting. Users can synchronize memory kit by TT RGB PLUS software across all compatible products with TT AI Voice Control, Amazon Alexa, and Razer Chroma. TOUGHRAM RGB series can also support 5V RGB motherboard software to customize users' own builds.

Stability and Compatibility
Both TOUGHRAM RGB and TOUGHRAM are Intel XMP 2.0 Ready and can automatically adjust to keep the fastest but safe speed without lockups or other abnormal behavior.

Availability, Warranty, Compatibility and Pricing
Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB Memory will be available in July 2019, via the Thermaltake worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB Memory is backed by a limited lifetime warranty for the RAMs and supported by the Thermaltake worldwide customer service and technical support network. For up-to-date pricing of the Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB Memory, please refer to the local Thermaltake sales or PR representative.

For more details on the Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB Memory please visit:
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5 Comments on Thermaltake at Computex: TOUGHRAM RGB / TOUGHRAM DDR4 Memory

I'm not very fond of led lightning inside pcs, but this one is classy. Very cool.
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John Naylor
Heatsink design became a non-factor after DDR2. What matters:

Module supplier
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John Naylor, post: 4057611, member: 156078"
Heatsink design became a non-factor after DDR2. What matters:

Module supplier
They are heatspreaders, not heatsinks. And it does matter, especially for errors in non-ECC kits at higher MHz. But whatever. Everyone pushes the same kinda-sorta-maybe info because they don't like products that have any kind of aesthetically appealing quality.
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If cooling is still a factor today... then maybe these huge plastic-heads don't favor cooling well.
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With dram pricing in free fall, why would anyone enter this market? 6 months down the road, any inventory will be worth half you produced it for? Or am I missing something?
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