Tuesday, June 4th 2019

Enermax at Computex 2019 Part 2: Power Supplies

In part 2 of our 3-part series on Enermax at Computex 2019, we go hands-on with three of the company's new additions to its vast lineup of enthusiast PSUs. The lineup begins with an addition to the company's high-Wattage MaxRevo series, with a new 1800W model. This PSU requires 230VAC for its advertised Wattage, and can still put out 1600W with 115VAC. With 230VAC, the unit is capable of putting out 1900W of peak output, although 1800W is guaranteed (continuous output).

At both AC input types, the PSU's efficiency is rated 80 Plus Gold. Such high power is packed into a body that's just 18 cm (7 inches) in length. Its 135 mm double ball-bearing fan is capable of spinning at speeds of up to 3,100 RPM. This fan typically runs at 20-40% of its speed, but at the push of a button near the AC receptacle, can be forced to run at max speed. The MaxRevo 1800W comes with plenty of straws out of its fully-modular cabling plane, with at least two 4+4 pin EPS and ten 6+2 pin PCIe.
Next up, is the Revolution DF (2019 Edition) 80 Plus Gold, which comes in mid-tier capacities of 650W, 750W, and 850W. At the heart of this PSU is its innovative thermal design that has gobs of aluminium heatsinks, and a 135 mm DF (dust-free) fan. This fan is programmed to spin in the opposite direction for 10 seconds to spit out dust, before resuming normal operation by pulling air into the PSU. You can make the fan run in DF mode manually at the push of a button near the AC receptacle. The SAC (smart airflow control) logic runs the fan at inaudible 400 RPM under 70 percent of PSU load. All three models ship with full-modular flat cables, two 4+4 pin EPS connectors, and four or six 6+2 pin PCIe connectors.
Lastly, there's the Revolution RGB (2019 Edition) 80 Plus Gold, which also comes in 650W, 750W, and 850W models. The innards of these PSUs could be identical to those of the Revoultion DF. Where they differ is their aesthetics. The body has frosted silicone RGB LED diffusers along the sides, with a stock logo through a cutout-sticker. You can mod your own logo by replacing this sticker. The embedded 135 mm fan is different, too, and comes with addressable RGB LEDs. The PSU takes in 3-pin aRGB input to control all lighting in the PSU. In the absence of control from your motherboard, there's also an internal controller with a button that cycles between 13 lighting presets. The fan-control characteristics of this PSU are very different from the Revolution DF, with complete fanless (silent) operation up to 40 percent load.
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