Thursday, June 6th 2019

Gamdias Demos ATHENA M2 and ARGUS M1 Cases Among Others at Computex 2019

Gamdias brought a boatload of cases to Computex as well this year including some new designs including the ATHENA M2 and ARGUS M1. Starting with the ARGUS M1, it features a sleeker more subdued external design, that while equipped with RGB lighting is tastefully done with a semi-L shaped front accent. It also has illuminated USB ports, which was a nice novelty feature. When it comes to cooling the front panel has side vents, but it should be noted they do not extend all the way up, limiting potential air intake. That said, a 360mm radiator will easily fit in the front.
When it comes to air cooling, the ATHENA M2 is where Gamdias gets serious with this case offering a mesh front panel for maximum air intake. With support for up to 3x 120mm fans in the front and up to a 360 mm radiator it should have no trouble keeping any build cool. The design also features more subdued RGB lighting when you take the fans out of the equation with only some LED strips on each side, grabbing your attention. Therefore if you don't want a massive amount of RGB illumination, you can keep it understated with a quick fan swap.
The TALOS M1A which is a mid-tower design it features a tempered glass front panel with dual RGB LED strips. The side panel is also tempered glass and uses magnets to hold it shut. Internally it has the option for vertical mounting for graphics cards; however, a PCIe riser cable is not included. The most interesting design element may seem mundane, but it is the swappable front panel I/O plate. It can be positioned at the bottom or on top, and while it may not be attention-grabbing, it is nice to have depending on where you place your chassis be it on the floor or your desk. When it comes to cooling the case supports up to a 280mm or 360mm radiators in the front, and a 120mm or 140mm in the rear. The included fans are rainbow RGB 120mm offerings with two of them pre-installed in the front. When it comes to component clearance the TALOS M1A can fit graphics cards up to 350mm long, power supplies up to 180mm long, and CPU coolers up to 168mm tall. Finally, motherboard support consists of ATX, MATX, and ITX.
Next was the TALOS E1, which is a smaller sibling to the M1A. It offers support for MATX, and ITX motherboards and features a similar design to the M1A in terms of aesthetics. However, being a smaller case, it has reduced component clearance with CPU coolers limited to 158mm in height, graphics cards to 260mm in length, while power supplies limits remain the same at 180mm in length. When it comes to cooling it has dual 120mm rainbow RGB fans pre-installed in the front with total fan support of 5 120mm or 3 140mm. Radiator support is still quite good as well with the case having room for a 240mm offering up front and 120mm in the rear.
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