Wednesday, July 31st 2019

Fractal Design Announces the ION+ Platinum Line of Power Supplies

Revolutionary cables and custom cooling bring game-changing flexibility with silent efficiency. Welcome the Ion+ Platinum - a modular, high-performance power supply unit with emphasis on whisper-quiet operation, enhanced cable flexibility and superior output quality. A user selectable semi-passive Zero RPM mode ensures the fan won't spin up until needed, and even then it is unlikely to be noticed thanks to a highly efficient custom design leveraging an exceptionally low minimum speed.

One of the most revolutionary new features is our very own UltraFlex DC cabling. An extremely high strand-count with specially formulated insulation made it possible to reduce conductors to just 0.08 mm in diameter - half the thickness of competing products - without loss of efficiency or current capacity. The UltraFlex cable bends and twists effortlessly, eliminating the inherent hassles of traditional rigid power supply wiring to make installation and cable-routing a breeze.
Ion+, available now in 560, 660, 760 and 860 watt capacities, is rated 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency, comes with a 10-year warranty and sports a full electrical protection suite for your peace of mind.

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3 Comments on Fractal Design Announces the ION+ Platinum Line of Power Supplies

Sexy, but I would once again like to ask/state, can we move on beyond 80+?

Its like all those other appliances, washing machines and the like, we have A, A+, A++ and they all meet that.
Clearly if we want companies to push better efficiency, lets down the score, A++ is now B, A+ is C etc etc.

And for PSU's instead of doing 80+ Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium.
Lets go for 90+ where 80+ Titanium suddenly becomes a "mere" 90+ Silver or something like that.
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Would like to know who the OEM is?
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