Tuesday, February 20th 2007

VIA says "no" to CeBIT

We all know those famous conventions, like CES, E3, Computex and CeBIT. For companies, they are an expensive business - setting up an attractive stand takes time and money. It looks like this year, there are some companies that are spending a little less time and money "on the circuit," including VIA Technologies.

Richard Brown, VIA's Director of International Marketing, writes in his blog:
I’ve been receiving quite a number of emails from people asking whether VIA will be exhibiting at CeBIT this year. The answer is that for the first time in over a decade we have decided to give the show a miss.

There are a number of reasons why we have made this decision, the most important being that the costs of exhibiting there can no longer be justified given the shrinkage in the number of players (and hence potential customers) in the European PC market. It hasn’t helped either that quite a number of major exhibitors have pulled out of the show over the past two or three years, making it much less attractive to potential visitors than it used to be.
Source: Bit-tech and Brown Knows
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Eh, in the internet age there really is no point to trade shows. Besides nerd parties, which is pretty much what they end up as :toast:
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besides via sucks who cares ;)

we need a true nerd party, huge massive lanparty :P
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According to the Heise newsticker not only VIA won't be at the CeBIT. Nokia, Motorola, BenQ, Konica Minolta, Lenovo and Shuttle won't have their own booth at the CeBIT as well.
The CeBIT already reacted and decided the exhibition will be one day shorter in 2008.

Source: Heise
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Bird of Prey
Perhaps it would be worth investing if companies made worthwhile products. I know at one time, VIA had an awesome chipset business making decent mobos and all that. They have gone down since Nvidia and more recently, ATI have started making awesome boards. Intel has also made killer boards...
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via is the bottem rung below even the matx ecs sis boards, the only thing via makes worth a damn is the mitx boards with the c7 chips onboard and the c7 chips themselves, the rest of their products are BLAH at best :(
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I don't even know who VIA is. Besides like a word.....via.....yeah
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