Tuesday, October 1st 2019

BitFenix Announces the Nova Mesh TG 4 ARGB Chassis

The BitFenix NOVA MESH TG is the rebirth of the popular BitFenix NOVA with re-engineered designs and features to offer the best balance of performance, looks and ease of use. NOVA MESH TG represents not only BitFenix's long standing theme of simple elegance, but also the dedication towards offering a well rounded PC chassis. The core of the NOVA MESH TG is its clean design, well balanced between a perfectly organized interior structure and the sleek exterior design complemented with smoked tempered glass side panel. Its design boasts of multiple features that enhance the ease of installation and use such as the, user friendly installation, noise dampening material, removable high density mesh dust filter and dual chamber design.

BitFenix NOVA MESH TG is an all-rounder offering great airflow coupled with modern elegant design which makes it an ideal choice for most user scenarios. With clean interior, optimized airflow and extensive compatibility, the NOVA MESH offers a great balance in performance and looks in it's class. It is specifically design with ease of use in mind with easy installation and maintenance features. All this is topped off with a Tempered Glass side panel to show off the core components of the system.

Seethrough-tinted 4 mm Tempered Glass Side Panel
The BitFenix NOVA MESH TG comes with a high-quality tempered glass side panel with a strength of 4 mm. The tempered glass panel is see-through-tinted, exhibiting the often RGB illuminated core components.

Clean Interior With 23 mm Cable Management Space Behind Motherboard Tray
The NOVA MESH TG comes with a PSU shroud hiding the PSU and up to two HDDs beneath it, while three SSDs can be attached to the back of the motherboard tray, showing only the motherboard, graphics cards and the cooling solution through the tempered glass panel. The 23 mm cable management space behind motherboard tray makes it an easy job to manage the cables clean. With the drive-trays out of the way, the NOVA MESH TG provides plenty of space for graphics cards with a length up to 340 mm.

Spectre RGB Fan Synchronized With Major Motherboard Brands Included
The Bitfenix NOVA MESH TG comes preinstalled with 4x high performance BitFenix Spectre A-RGB fans for a more efficient cooling performance. The Spectre A-RGB fans are also very quiet at under 22 dBA and can still provide enough airflow due to the special fan blade design.

The four fans installed are Addressable RGB fans and they can be chained for a seamless lighting transition and also supports ASUS AURA SYNC for synchronized lighting effects across all the supported components and peripherals.

Thermal Capability
Optimized airflow is essential for good performance and extended lifetime of components. The all the BitFenix NOVA MESH TG offer the best airflow with a dust filtered mesh at the front which support up to 360 mm Radiator and 3x 120 mm fans. The top 240 mm exhaust and the rear 120 mm exhaust maintains a good balance of air intake and exhaust.

Functional Design
NOVA MESH TG doesn't compromise the sleek design of Mesh front panel. The high density mesh used in the NOVA MESH TG has over ten thousand holes for easy airflow and dust filtering with magnetic removable function for easy removal. The clean interior design not only makes sure unrestricted airflow but also focused airflow to the GPUs for effective cooling performance. The close and clean PSU shroud keeps NOVA MESH TG to have two individual chambers. This allows to optimally cool each component individually to offer more efficient thermal performance. The included soft padding between the chassis and the glass side panels makes sure the fan noise of the system is significantly reduced even when it is running at full load.

Easy Clean With Removable Dust Filters
NOVA MESH TG is designed to offer reliable performance for years to come. By filtering out dust particle which reduces system lifespan, systems built with NOVA MESH TG can boast of dust free operation. The improved air intake mesh on the front comes with an embedded nylon filter that prevents dust from entering the system while the filter at the bottom keeps PSU free from dust. The top exhaust is also equipped with a nylon filter to ensure versatility. All these filters can be easily removed for a faster cleaning job.
For more information, visit the product page.
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7 Comments on BitFenix Announces the Nova Mesh TG 4 ARGB Chassis

no fan controller?
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If the included fans are fixed speed like the Thermaltake ARGB cases, epic fail. If they're pwm, interested.

Btw pinging @bonehead123
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Btw pinging @bonehead123
We've really should stop meeting like this, people are gonna start talking, hehehe :laugh:

This case has a nice front & top mesh for good cooling, and also good cable mgmt, but other than that, it's pretty much ho-hummm IMHO, even though I generally like their stuff..... I had one of the early Prodigy's and it was nice & served me well while I was in the mITX mode several years ago..
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Looks pretty good. I may pick one up.
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Nice to see more mesh front options out there but why only 120mm fans on the top? Pretty much everyone else offers 120mm or 140mm fan options on top.
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nice design, but those rgb anywhre ruine my mood, i wont buy it:)
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I miss the Bitfenix that came out with cases like the Colossus, Prodigy, and Pandora...the Portal is probably their most interesting current case now, everything else is so cookie-cutter. I suppose you have to target the mainstream to make money though :/

Hey Bitfenix. If you make a P400 (midtower)-sized Colossus, same styling as the original, I'd buy two. Maybe even three.

And RGB it too, so I can pick my accent color. No need to get crazy with ARGB if you don't want. Or do. Can always turn it off. I just want that chunky aesthetic back with slightly better build quality...
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