Friday, October 18th 2019

XIGMATEK Unveils the ZEUS Spectrum Edition Open Tower Chassis

XIGMATEK unveiled the ZEUS, a premium open-air tower-type chassis. The case consists of a highly adaptable metal frame clad with tempered glass panels on three sides, and detachable panels on nearly all sides. This has the makings of a new trend with PC cases where towers aren't cuboidal, and have a somewhat trapezoid or poligonal shape that orients the motherboard tray at an angle, so it receives active air-flow from more directions. Alienware likely started this trend with its 2017 Area 51 desktop, which Jonsbo copied with its TR03 from earlier this week. The XIGMATEK ZEUS has room for a standard ATX (or smaller) motherboard, room for graphics cards up to 32 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16 cm in height.

Storage options on the XIGMATEK ZEUS include two 2.5-inch drive bays just below the top panel, one 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch drive mounts behind the motherboard tray. Cooling options include three 120 mm front intakes that can hold onto a 360 mm x 120 mm radiator, three 120 mm top exhausts that can hold onto another 360 mm x 120 mm radiator, a 120 mm exhaust on the upward-facing rear panel, and another 120 mm exhaust on the downward facing rear panel. Front panel connectivity includes two USB 3.1 type-A ports, and separate headphones/mic jacks. The case measures 755 mm x 220 mm x 595 mm (LxWxH). The company didn't reveal pricing.
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12 Comments on XIGMATEK Unveils the ZEUS Spectrum Edition Open Tower Chassis

More air then material it seems, at least it wont choke I guess
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IceShroomThis looks like a Couger case.
And the only way we would know that is if a member pointed it out... sad that most news is all copy paste here with zero anything but marketing, eh? :(
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Look like a lot like this from 2017

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I wish Xigmatek remained innovative. Their older cases, like the Elysium, were great. Now it's all just AliExpress rebrands with a bit more QC. Heck; even an updated Elysium chassis with RGB bling or a tempered glass panel would have been more exciting than this.
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DeathyThe power of OEM rebranding. :D
It's definitely a different design if you look closely, but it still looks like a copy and the changes are worse IMO.
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chr0nosLook like a lot like this from 2017

actually the shape is ok but the feet reminds me of this
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it's already available here in IRAQ, that was so fast
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micropage7actually the shape is ok but the feet reminds me of this
LOL, the name of the case says it. it's supposed to be a snowmobile like, case
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