Friday, December 6th 2019

TechPowerUp Seagate IronWolf Black Friday Giveaway: The Winners

TechPowerUp and Seagate brought you the IronWolf Black Friday Giveaway, throwing three of Seagate's finest pieces of consumer storage up for grabs. The IronWolf series from Seagate represent durable internal HDDs and SSDs for NAS, DAS, NVR, and other high-uptime client applications. Among the prizes are the 14 TB IronWolf internal SATA HDD, and 480 GB IronWolf 110 high-endurance SSD. Without further ado, the winners:
  • Neil from The Philippines, wins a 14 TB IronWolf SATA HDD and 480 GB IronWolf 110 SATA SSD (one of each)
  • Lisa from Virginia, USA, wins a 480 GB IronWolf 110 SATA SSD
A huge Congratulations to you two! TechPowerUp and Seagate will return with more such interesting Giveaways!

Update Dec 17th: Unfortunately Lisa never responded to us to claim her prize, so we randomly picked another lucky winner: Frank from Washington, US.
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11 Comments on TechPowerUp Seagate IronWolf Black Friday Giveaway: The Winners

Once again, there are a huge error here. I am not on the winning list:cry:

Congrats to the winners:toast:
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Congratulations to the both of them~
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Great giveaway and congrats to the winners! :)
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Congrats on the winners of the contest. With that said, I'm patiently waiting on HDD manufacturers to actually do some serious performance minded innovation while pushing the capacity limits of platter storage further and improving transfer and access speeds. I'd like to see more tracks/sectors on modern HDD's and some bigger cache sizes. It's a shame we don't have 5.25" bay HHD's with larger platter sizes and quad actuators they could cnc laser cut the inner platter down a bit to lighten the inner platter that's slower anyway and holds less storage, but still ends up weight a fair amount and push the platter area outward more which provides both more storage and quicker storage access and transfer speeds. I don't know why that hasn't happened with the amount of 5.25" bay's that are unoccupied in PC's both today and in the past, but perticularly true today where many people don't even have a CD/DVD-Rom in their PC's now. HDD's defiantly need more tracks and sectors as well that really helps with short stroking and access times. I mean switching across one lane of traffic versus a 2 to 4 lane high-way to the opposite side is a world of a difference so more tracks would be really beneficial.
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congrats to the winners :lovetpu:
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