Monday, December 9th 2019

Sharkoon Launches Mobile DAC and Mobile DAC PD

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now introduces the Mobile DAC and the Mobile DAC PD. These are two audio converters that are compatible with the most popular Android-based mobile devices. Both devices deliver a high-resolution audio amplification of sound output for headsets and headphones which have a TRRS connection, and, in addition, they provide quality voice transmission thanks to an integrated microphone input. Therefore, podcasters and streamers will also benefit from the Mobile DACs.
USB Type-C and Compact Designs

The Mobile DAC and the Mobile DAC PD are each equipped with an up-to-date USB Type-C plug for connecting to compatible Android smartphones and tablets. Output devices which use TRRS plugs can then be operated via the DAC device, while the short cable of the Mobile DAC always ensures an uncomplicated handling. Thanks to their compact design, each of these audio converters can fit into any pocket, providing the opportunity to enhance audio experience and microphone transmission anywhere and everywhere.

Mobile DAC PD: Charge as You Go
Unlike the Mobile DAC, the Mobile DAC PD not only has a TRRS port and a USB Type-C plug, but it also has a USB Type-C port. This offers the function "Power Delivery" and can thus charge the connected device during use with a power supply of up to 60 watts.
Japan Audio Society Confirms High-Quality Audio Experience.
The Japan Audio Society (JAS) has confirmed the high-resolution audio experience of the Mobile DAC and Mobile DAC PD. Both devices provide a sampling frequency of 96 kilohertz at 24 bits and an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of 100 decibels.

Sound Experience at the Touch of a Button
Both DACs are not only compatible with common headphone remote controls, but each also has a switchable hardware equalizer. Thanks to the presets, the linearly tuned sound can be further individualized. Classic settings with either accentuated bass or accentuated highs can be chosen.

Price and Availability
Both devices are now available. The Mobile DAC is available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 14.99 euros and the Mobile DAC PD for 19.99 euros.
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Not a Potato
The PD version... A tad bulky maybe?

That's a good design for a mobile DAC. The only problem I've seen is if you have a Galaxy Note9/S9 (and below) as Samsung only enabled separate audio sound cards (DACs) on the Note10 and up. :P
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